SSP Secure Data Space secures „gold, silver and bronze“ in the Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2016 of the Experton Group

SSP Europe established the Secure Data Space as a market leader of secure data exchange

Munich, 04.07.2016- In the advancing age of digitalization rushing giants dataflows trough the Pipelines of international networks. Hardly any company is confronted with major challenges in the restructuring of it´s IT landscape. Especially the data exchange and the document sharing must not only be fast, but also secure. Because the attackers lurk everywhere. Uncertain single solutions are increasingly replaces by only one central platform. The so-called EFSS solutions (Enterprise File Sync and Share) become a hub in the working and knowledge-intensive world, where files and documents have to be exchanged in real time.

Business-Filesharing in focus

With ist analyzes and studies, the Experton Group provides valuable support for companies in the selection oft he right business partners. In the context oft the latest Cloud Vendor benchmark, 2016, serious suppliers were also analyzed in the file sharing environment for the German market. The current „Enterprise Cloud Filesharing Quadrant“ gives users a well-founded market overview. In the independent study, 23 companies were classified as relevant and positioned within the quadrant. The Secure Data Space as an EFSS solution from SSP Europe received the award as Leader in this segment. This is a highly secure, German business solution for the simple storage, synchronization, distribution and administration of data.

SSP Secure Data Space as a leader

Experton lends Leader status to vendors with highly attractive product and service offerings that can be classified as strategic clocks and opinion leaders. Among the leading solutions are the “BT Secure Data Space” and the “Secure Data Drive” of Deutsche Telekom AG. Both products are based on the SSP Secure Data Space as an OEM version. SSP Europe has thus established itself as one of the market leaders with this solution for secure data exchange.

The analysts evaluated the sophisticated rights and administration system, the branding capability and the innovative Triple-Crypt- Technology. It enables the most important integrated, client-side encryption. “SSP Europe’s Secure Data Space is among the safest solutions on the market,” said Heiko Henkes, Director Advisor at the Experton Group.

Further extension of business features

“We are very proud to have received the award as the market leader in the cloud vendor benchmark 2016.”, said Dr. Dieter Steiner, CEO of SSP Europe. “The SSP Secure Data Space is a clear business approach that includes open APIs, mobile apps, and much more. After certification by the Independent Data Protection Center in Schleswig-Holstein (ULD) and EuroPriSe, this award, assign by a renowned, independent analyst firm like the Experton Group, confirmes once again that we are on the right track. ”

Companies, that want to optimize data exchange, will receive further information on SSP Europe’s Secure Data Space at or directly by email