Secure Data Space meets RaspberryPi

 Our COO Marc Schieder shows in this video, how Secure Data Space works at RaspberryPi

RaspberryPi is a single board computer. He´s originally developed for facilitating students the acquisition of programmer and hardware knowledge. RaspberryPi- Cluster are optimum suitable for feasibility studies and as learning equipment.

In this study are used the same components, which are employed in a similar form by SSP Europe, their Partners and their clients, for the ResperryPi- Cluster.

There are utilized following Hardware-Components:

  • 10 Raspberry Pis (Version 3) with 32GB Micro SD-Cards (Class 10)
  • 1 Raspberry Pi PiDrive of Western Digital
  • 1 Raspberry Pi Camera V2 (8MP)
  • 1 Anker USB Charger (60W)
  • 1 Netgear ProSwitch (managed)
  • 1 BlinkStick Nano (USB programmable Led)
  • 1 Vornado zippi (Cooling)
  • 10 Vullers Tech Case
  • 1 RTC Add-on (realtime clock)

As operating system employes Raspbian and Centos 7, as Software uses:

  • 2 Loadbalancer (Raspbian):  HAProxy with keepalived (IP address takeover)
  • 2 API Server (Raspbian): OpenJDK-8 / Tomcat7 / SDS 3.x
  • 1 WebServer (Rapbian): OpenJDK-8 / Tomcat7 / mjpeg streamer ( / SDS WebUI 3.x
  • 1 Branding Portal and Monitoring Server (Raspbian): OpenJDK-8 / Tomcat7 / apache2 / php5 / Zabbix / SDS Branding Portal 3.x
  • 3 Galera MariaDB Cluster Knoten (Centos7 arm): Custom compile
  • 1 Storage, WLAN Accesspoint and NTP and DHCP/DNS-Server (Raspbian): nfs, ntp, Dnsmasqu

The equipment is totally synchronized over NTP and deposit their data central at the NFS- Server. The WLAN Accesspoint conduces in instructions as access point to the cluster and therefore to the Data Space Software.