ITEBO corporate group cooperates with highly secure enterprise file sharing provider DRACOON

Regensburg, Germany, November 14, 2017 – The ITEBO Group is expanding its IT security portfolio with the secure Enterprise File Sharing Solution (EFSS) DRACOON, thereby backing the pioneering corporate solution of a market leader.

The availability of data plays an increasingly important role for managements and their employees today. Connected managements need to be able to share their data with their business locations anywhere and at any time. The security requirements are high if data misuse is to be avoided. If the ways to provide data are not clearly defined or unequivocally regulated, each provision of data will be a perfect target for data espionage.

This is exactly where DRACOON comes in with its security solution, which from now on can be used as ITEBO SDS from the ITEBO data center. Thanks to the integrated TripleCrypt™ Technology, the data can already be encrypted on the client device – in addition to the transmission path and on the server with secure and open encryption standards. This forms the basis for the Europe-wide GDPR certification EuroPriSe and the possibility to use and integrate the solution in all sectors legally compliant and flexible.

Since the beginning of October, the ITEBO Group has also been cooperating with the German-speaking market leader. The ITEBO corporate group primarily looks after local governments and churches, charitable institutions and SMEs. With this cooperation, two strong partners who want to support and develop this market together have found each other.

“After an intensive research on the market, we decided in favor of DRACOON,” explains Dirk Stratmann, authorized representative in the sales division of the ITEBO Group. “The outstanding features of DRACOON and the fact that it is a German, certified manufacturer, have absolutely convinced us and inspired us,” Stratmann continues. “Especially with regard to the forthcoming EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will come into force in May 2018, we are relying on a solution that can cover everything in a future-proof and fully-fledged way. We are looking forward to working together,” he continues.

DRACOON offers the highly secure TripleCrypt™ technology, with which sensitive data can be encrypted and decrypted directly at the user’s end device using modern and open cryptography methods. Despite the high level of security, the solution remains very user-friendly, as access can be precisely regulated with a practical team function and a fine-grained rights and user concept. It is precisely this high functionality, combined with simple operation, that makes the daily work easier for users and, as a result, increases satisfaction.

“DRACOON is already very successfully represented in the corporate market with its SaaS solution. We are very pleased that with the ITEBO group of companies we can offer our highly secure DRACOON solution to another large service provider,” says Thomas Haberl, responsible for Partner & Business Development at DRACOON.

Due to its branding ability, DRACOON can also be adapted very individually to the respective design of the customer.


DRACOON, founded in 2008 and headquartered in Regensburg, is the market leader in German-speaking countries in the area of ​​Enterprise File Sharing. Since its brand relaunch in October 2017, the company has been operating under the uniform name DRACOON (formerly: Secure Data Space by SSP Europe).

The high-security, platform-independent file exchange platform has won several awards as market leader and has been certified to the highest compliance standards. Unique to the solution is the specially developed TripleCrypt™ technology with consistent end-to-end encryption. The solution can be run as a cloud, hybrid, and on-premises version.

More than 400,000 users from well-known companies such as Rossmann, Helios Kliniken, Rödl & Partner and partners such as NetApp, Bechtle, Deutsche Telekom, and British Telecom already trust DRACOON.

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