DRACOON provides open source solution

Regensburg, November 20, 2017 – DRACOON, the Enterprise File Sharing market leader in German-speaking countries from Regensburg, now offers its encryption technology as an open-source solution, revealing its complete cryptography.

Nothing is as tightly guarded by a company as the source code of its software. With its decision to make the developed encryption technology immediately available as an open-source solution, the Regensburg-based software provider is now taking a very special approach.

“DRACOON’s business concept is based on the fact that personal data is subject to special protection”, explains Dr. Florian Scheuer, CTO of DRACOON. “The easiest way to explain our philosophy is that our main concern is that everyone – whether a company, customer or developer – gets a software development kit from us with which we can easily connect their own systems to the secure backend of DRACOON. Anyone can use this information to determine over their own digital assets,” continues Scheuer.

With the open source solution now available, the innovative company once again underscores its orientation. “For us, there is no compromise on data security,” explains the development manager. “With this decision, we reveal our full cryptography, proving that there is no backdoor to externally access data that is protected and encrypted by DRACOON. With this step, we also want to make it easier for customers and developers to use the DRACOON platform with their own applications or integrations.”

The implementation of the highly secure and client-side encryption is now available free of charge as open software under Apache License Version 2.0 in the form of SDKs (Software Development Kit) on GitHub: https://github.com/dracoon.