Comfortable offline data-editing and extended Outlook-Add-In: DRACOON’s new release with many practical features

Regensburg, December 3rd2018– The new release from DRACOON, the German leader for enterprise filesharing, is remarkable: Next to the S3-Object-Tags, that allow predefined storage policies, or an improved Outlook-Add-In, all data stored in DRACOON can now be easily edited via the Sync-Client.

Offline-synchronisation provides more comfort
With the long-awaited DRACOON for Windows/Mac version 3.0 the data that is stored in DRACOON can now be used on the computer, even if it is not connected to the internet. If one would like to permanently have access to a data room or DRACOON-folder, it can be set to be constantly available offline. As soon as another authorised user changes data in there or adds files, the changes are automatically synchronised as soon as the user is online again. Thanks to the intelligent and fully automatic Smart Synchronisationonly the data that is actually used is stored on the computer. The new sync-client is now available in the version 3.0 for Windows and Mac.

Quick data release through improved Outlook-Add-In
The existing Outlook-Add-In was also fundamentally revised and new features were added. With the new release, data from DRACOON can now be sent even faster as a share-link. With one click on the new Attachment-button in the Outlook-navigation-bar, you are redirected to a list with all last used data in DRACOON and all files that were marked as favourites. Furthermore, you can choose if already specified release settings should be newly assigned every time or if you would like to revert to predefined standards. Network administrators will be especially pleased about the improved Add-In: The new DRACOON for Outlook version 5.3 supports users to comply with binding directives, meaning that predefined settings can be assigned to the users, which he cannot change.

Guideline-compliant data storage with Object-Tags for S3-Storage
DRACOON has long been supporting the connection of S3-storages. The new release now also takes into account the S3 Object-Tags, meaning the key words that can be linked to the files in data rooms. Numerous S3-storage-systems (e.g. NetApp StorageGRID) react to these key words and then automatically apply the predefined storage specifications. If a S3-tag is assigned by a room-administrator, all data stored in this room automatically receives this assignment.

Protection against data loss with recycle bin and data versioning
The recycle bin offers a further safeguard in DRACOON. Compared to earlier versions one can no longer deactivate it. This means, that if data is accidently deleted, the integrated recycle bin and permanent data versioning offer a reconstructible back-up at any time. Before one had to choose a maximum storage space but now DRACOON offers selectable tariffs with unlimited storage, that allow versioning of all data and therefore provide the user with a further benefit for the safety of his data.

Automatic user import thanks to OpenID Connect
With OpenID Connect you could previously link an existing user directory with DRACOON. Now, if a user signs up for DRACOON for the first time and is already registered in an OpenID-Connect-directory (e.g. MS Active Directory since version 2016) he is automatically imported as a user. He is also directly assigned to a user group and therefore automatically receives certain rights in certain data rooms.

Easy DRACOON branding function
The DRACOON branding provides more individuality. With only a few clicks clients can change the DRACOON appearance in order to adapt it to their own cooperate design. For this, all settings can easily be operated via the web-application. According to the client the product name, logos, colours and also weblinks can be customised. Before these changes are made visible for all users, they can be checked with the preview function.

Simplified data release for iOS
There is also news for iOS. Here the functions for data release have been greatly expanded. Now, you can already assign an expiration date, a notification for data retrieval or addition or even a size limitation in the app. Furthermore, you can now also send a QR-code instead of a share-link. Equivalent upgrades for DRACOON are soon going to be available for Android too.

“It is very important for us, to keep developing our product in line with the market and highest quality. The new LTS-release offers extensive functions that make the daily use of DRACOON much easier for our clients. Especially the sync-client is an important step, which we can be proud of.”, CTO Dr. Florian Scheuer says happily about the new features. “For the development of our Outlook-Add-Ins we had a closer look at the requirements and operations of our clients and analysed them beforehand. Our Add-In offers a range of functions no other provider currently supplies.” Scheuer elaborates.

For further information and all details of our new LTS-release you can check our support page.