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Ransomware: the never-ending danger – BSI warns of new attack methods

A statement by Marc Schieder, CIO DRACOON GmbH Regensburg, 26thApril 2019– Once again, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) urgently warns of attacks resulting in the execution of an encryption trojan. The most shocking part: This time cyber criminals are using methods only known to the intelligence agencies until a few months ago, […]

DRACOON initiates successful DKMS-donor drive in the fight against blood cancer

Regensburg, 11th April 2019 – On the 10th April, the software company DRACOON, located in Regensburg, initiated a large donor drive in the fight against blood cancer. Above all the own employees, but also employees from neighbouring companies in the Regensburger Posthof had themselves registered. Every 15 minutes somebody – adult, child or teenager – […]

#cnetz is using the secure cloud by DRACOON

Berlin/Regensburg, 3rd April 2019 – #cnetz e.V., a digital policy „think tank“ located in Berlin and the DRACOON GmbH from Regensburg, provider of a secure, German cloud-solution, have agreed on cooperating. The board of the association of #cnetz and the management of the young IT-company DRACOON agreed that #cnetz will provide its members with DRACOONs’ […]

The copyright reform: a break on innovation

A statement on the EU-copyright reform by Dr. Florian Scheuer, CTO DRACOON Regensburg, 28th March 2019 – On Tuesday it became clear that the controversial EU copyright reform will actually be implemented. The European Parliament voted in favour of the reform – a first step towards the implementation of the controversial regulation. Certainly, the intention […]

After Citrix-hack: No company in the world is immune to attacks – but how can they protect themselves?

A comment by Marc Schieder, CIO DRACOON Regensburg, 11th March 2019 – It became known last weekend that the US-American software company Citrix has become victim of a devastating cyber-attack. Citrix is known for being responsible for the processing of sensitive IT-projects for the communications agency of the White House, the US-military, the FBI and […]