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#cnetz is using the secure cloud by DRACOON

Berlin/Regensburg, 3rd April 2019 – #cnetz e.V., a digital policy „think tank“ located in Berlin and the DRACOON GmbH from Regensburg, provider of a secure, German cloud-solution, have agreed on cooperating. The board of the association of #cnetz and the management of the young IT-company DRACOON agreed that #cnetz will provide its members with DRACOONs’ […]

The copyright reform: a break on innovation

A statement on the EU-copyright reform by Dr. Florian Scheuer, CTO DRACOON Regensburg, 28th March 2019 – On Tuesday it became clear that the controversial EU copyright reform will actually be implemented. The European Parliament voted in favour of the reform – a first step towards the implementation of the controversial regulation. Certainly, the intention […]

After Citrix-hack: No company in the world is immune to attacks – but how can they protect themselves?

A comment by Marc Schieder, CIO DRACOON Regensburg, 11th March 2019 – It became known last weekend that the US-American software company Citrix has become victim of a devastating cyber-attack. Citrix is known for being responsible for the processing of sensitive IT-projects for the communications agency of the White House, the US-military, the FBI and […]

Dracoon sponsors the 25th International Short Film Week

IT-company provides secure data exchange solution for submitting films Regensburg 27th February 2019 – The File Sync & Share specialist DRACOON is supporting the 25th International Short Film Week. Once again it will take place in Regensburg from 13th to 24th March 2019. To make the submission process more comfortable and even safer, the leading […]

Critical infrastructure providers targeted by hackers once again: Are those responsible taking the danger seriously enough?

A comment by Marc Schieder, CIO at DRACOON According to Research by the WELT AM SONNTAG, security authorities registered a considerable increase in attacks against the IT infrastructure of organisations, compared to the last year. The attacks, presumably often led by foreign secret services, have changed. Recently, extorting money has become less frequent – the […]