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When communicating with colleagues and business partners, the exchange of data and the storage of data is essential, but also raises questions about data protection and compliance. Time for IT and IT security officers to deal with these digital challenges.

  • How can legal security in data exchange and compliance be ensured?
  • Can communication habits and IT security be combined in a smart way?
  • What are the professional solutions for file exchange and what are their additional benefits?

NetApp and DRACOON, data can be easily used and stored in accordance with GDPR. have the answers and offer the best of two worlds – a professional solution for communication and collaboration, as well as a highly flexible infrastructure that provides data securely and in the desired location.

Webinar: GDPR-compliant file services with NETAPP and DRACOON

  • The requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) must be implemented by 25.05.2018 at the latest
  • Otherwise, fines amounting to 4% of your worldwide sales and a large loss of public reputation are threatened
  • GDPR affects all companies, authorities and organizations that collect, process and store personal data – this includes, for example, names or email addresses
  • NetApp and DRACOON will show you how to handle data GDPR-compliant in this webinar

The webinar was moderated by Dr. Dieter Steiner, CEO of DRACOON..

Request the documents in German of the webinar now!

Webinar: Secure data exchange with NetApp and DRACOON

  • How does rule-based data management work?
  • How works GDPR-compliant data protection and encryption?
  • Live Demo

The webinar was moderated by Thomas Haberl, responsible for Business Development at DRACOON as well as Daniel Steiner, District Manager Public Sector Germany at NetApp.

Request the documents in German of the webinar now!