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DRACOON and NetSfere are ensuring secure mobile messaging and data storage


DRACOON is partnering with NetSfere, a leading enterprise messaging service.

Mobile messaging and chat messaging has become the most popular form of communication in recent years, not only in private use but also in business.Meanwhile, employees at many companies are taking advantage of chat apps to quickly and easily communicate with colleagues, customers, and partners. Whereas previously only text messages were exchanged, today much more comprehensive data such as pictures, voice messages, videos and location information come into play, which should, however, be urgently secured. If a company does not provide a suitable communication system, many users opt for popular private providers, which in no way meet the required standards of data protection and security. Thus, sensitive information, which is usually backed up by a well-founded business chat, often uncontrollably slides into an unverifiable data hole – and IT departments have no way to manage this.

NetSfere provides a secure, encrypted, mobile communications solution that encrypts conversations end-to-end, while giving corporate IT full control over communications relationships. With NetSfere, IT administrators can create, block, and delete user accounts. This ensures that only employees, partners or customers authorized by the IT department can communicate with each other in a protected manner.

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DRACOON and NetSfere: Ensuring secure mobile messaging and data storage

DRACOON, enterprise file sharing expert and market leader in German-speaking countries, is partnering with NetSfere, a leading enterprise messaging service.

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