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Authorization analysis and role modeling software with Nexis and DRACOON

Nexis Controle is the advanced solution for enterprise-wide identity data analysis, role modeling, and holistic risk management in entitlement management. Intelligent algorithms automatically detect risky authorization assignments of employees and visualize the data so skillfully that even experts with no technical background understand it. The Nexis Controle software thus becomes a collaboration platform for IT analysts, IT administrators and specialist departments. In addition, Nexis Controle is compatible with all identity management systems, applications, directory services and databases.

By combining both systems, the following advantages arise for the users of DRACOON:

  • Optimal overview of all user structures
  • Intelligent cleansing workflows ensure that false and unnecessary permissions can be automatically removed
  • On the basis of own rules, policies and uses of standard risk indicators can be created to identify risks

In addition, the system provides comprehensive reporting with periodic, interactive reports on risks, roles, recertifications, and subject matter feedback. Nexis Controle is browser-based and can be easily integrated into the IT landscape. It can be operated simply by connecting to an identity management system, as a standalone solution in the enterprise or from the cloud.

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More information abput the cooperation

Here you can find more information about the cooperation of Nexis and DRACOON.

Simplified authorization management: DRACOON cooperating with Nexis

DRACOON, an expert in enterprise file sharing and market leader in German-speaking countries, is cooperating with Nexis, the pioneer and leading provider of innovative authorization analysis and role modeling software.

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