Privacy Seal for Software


DRACOON has once again been certified by EuroPriSe (European Privacy Seal), making it the first German software provider to be certified as GDPR-ready.
The certification criteria can be seen at the following link:

The award of the “European Privacy Seal” confirms that, in its current state, DRACOON’s homonymous product completely conforms to the EU Data Protection Regulation. This significantly reduces the liability risk for customers using DRACOON. The company is one of the first German providers to meet all requirements. EuroPriSe is awarded exclusively to IT products and IT-based services that comply with the requirements of European data protection law.

Along with this certification, DRACOON was also awarded the privacy seal for “Outstanding Data Protection under German Law” by the Independent Center for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein (ULD), the German data protection authority recognized in Germany. For authorities, this seal is even regarded as an award criterion. If in a tender there is an offer for a product with a quality seal, this product must be prioritized before others. A certified product can also attest that it complies with the requirements of German data protection law. This eliminates the need for a repeated examination of this criterion for the contracting authority, thereby saving authorities time. These time savings must be taken into account during the decision as part of the performance audit. Both EuroPriSe and the ULD seal are valid for two years.

DRACOON now carries the Privacy Seal of EuroPriSe (No. EP-S-1W6P7H, valid until 2020-03, GDPR-ready) and ULD (Nr. 2-4/2015, valid until 2020-03-21), the Independent National Center for Data Protection in Schleswig-Holstein Version 4.5.0.


  • Pioneering role in data protection: The use of a product that has been awarded the Privacy Seal underlines that data is being handled responsibly
  • Reduced workload: Due to the examination by the independent, neutral and competent certification body, a separate examination prior to procurement regarding data protection properties must no longer be carried out
  • Efficiency: DRACOON can be deployed according to data protection and data security regulations and also automatically meets many of these requirements
  • Security: A privacy regulation compliant processing of personal data is ensured

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