• Privacy Seal

    Hintergrund Wolken

Privacy Seal

DRACOON bears the privacy seal of EuroPriSe (No. EP-S-BLZD7D, valid until 06.30.2017) and ULD (Schleswig-Holstein Independent Centre for Data Protection) (No. 02-04 / 2015, valid until 06.29.2017), Version 4.

The seal certifies that DRACOON compliance with the regulations for data protection and data security was established in a formal procedure. Particular emphasis is placed on data reduction, data economy, data security and auditability to ensure the rights of the data subject.

For public sectors, the privacy seal is a criterion for the procurement of IT products or the commissioning of IT services.

Background: Public-sector bodies are bound by the provisions of public procurement law, which requires that the most economical bid must be accepted, this being determined by the most favorable balance between the desired performance or service and price tendered. The privacy seal criterion must be included in invitation to tender documentation, and certified products must be given priority over other products.


  • Pioneering role in data protection: The use of products with the privacy seal demonstrates responsible handling of data
  • Streamlined decision-making: Analysis of products and services has already been undertaken by an independent, neutral and competent certification body
  • Efficiency: DRACOON can be used in accordance with data protection and security regulations and meets many of these requirements automatically
  • Security: Data protection compliant processing of personal data is ensured