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Data Security:
Essential for Enterprises

Data security and data protection are often used as synonyms. However, you need to clearly differentiate between them, as they are two different things. Unlike data protection, data security is not only limited to personal data.

The goal of data security is to technically protect electronic data against manipulation, loss and other threats. Further aims include the integrity and technical availability as well as confidentiality of the data.

Effective data protection is the basic prerequisite for adequate data security.

IT Security


This subsection of data security involves the technical protection of an IT-infrastructure through hard- and software.

The protection includes virus protection, backup- and restore methods as well as relevant network components such as firewalls. As mentioned before this protection aims to ensure data availability, integrity and confidentiality.

IT-security’s main goal is to protect against economic damages. Furthermore, avoiding breakdowns of computer systems is central.

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Modernes Dokumentenmanagement

Data encryption and transport is a subsector of data security. It encompasses the encryption of files and messages. For example, e-mails can be encrypted via PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).

Another central aspect, especially for the use of cloud technologies, is end-to-end encryption. Here, the sender of a message or file initiates the encryption which is upheld during all stages of data transmission and only lifted after delivery.

Further application areas of encryption include e.g. protection of Wifi-networks and data transmissions via SSH and FTP.

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Data Protection

Collaboration Tools

As mentioned before data protection is a subcategory of data security. It focusses mainly on the protection of company and personal data.

Data protection has recently become more prominent, since the implementation of the GDPR. Data editing, storage, registration and exchange have become much easier thanks to technological developments and the spreading of machine-readable data. Therefore, the demand for existing data is constantly growing.

Due to the growing internet, mobile telephones, electronic payment methods and modern camera surveillance via face recognition, new possibilities of data collection have been created.

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Due Diligence


Virtual data rooms offer the opportunity to share enterprise data via due diligence. This requires higher security settings. A company that is up for sale can provide a comprehensive document management. This enables potential buyers and investors to view all relevant company data and if necessary, also to work on documents together.

Most cloud-based data rooms need to be specially protected, e.g. via multiple-stage user authentication. This prevents unauthorised access to company data.

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DRACOON - Data Security