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  • Easy data exchange via download/upload shares
  • Unlimited exchange of large files, with client-sided encryption up to 60 GB
  • GDPR compliant sending of encrypted file attachments via DRACOON for Outlook
  • Notification of successful downloads/uploads, e.g. to prove that documents have been received


  • Project managers can independently create data rooms and assign authorizations,
    thus relieving the IT department of a great deal of work and enabling departments to work more effectively and
    efficient work
  • Time limits for user rights and download/upload shares for easy project coordination
  • Sharing settings can be individually adapted to the requirements, e.g. by the number of downloads or
    assignment of passwords
  • File duplicates are prevented as all employees in DRACOON data rooms have access to the latest documents at any time
    and can work on files together with internal or external users
  • Easy integration of users without Active Directory access saves the IT department a lot of time
We decided to use DRACOON to send large amounts of data to one person/company or larger attachments to a larger group of recipients by email. This meant a massive relief of the mail server and the downstream backup and archiving systems. Furthermore, we use DRACOON as an exchange platform with various service providers.
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Security by Design

Your data belongs to you - and only you!

  • The integrated end-to-end encryption offers maximum protection, because the key for decryption always remains with the owner, nobody else, not even the admin or DRACOON as operator, has access unlike other solutions
  • Secure encryption, verifiable at any time through the use of Open Source Cryptography
  • DRACOON offers unlimited storage space, so you and all employees can safely store and share all company data internally and externally - insecure solutions such as private cloud storage or USB sticks, which are neither GDPR compliant nor controllable from a company perspective, are no longer necessary
  • Separate sending of passwords creates additional security
  • Multi-factor authentication offers a higher protection of the own DRACOON account against abusive access
  • Versioning of all files ensures that you do not lose a single file in ransomware attacks
  • Compliance requirements can be easily enforced through rule-based data policies

Client-independent data access

Access your data - anywhere and anytime

  • All employees can use DRACOON as a file service directly on their mobile devices via the specially developed apps
    for iOS and Android - so that all data can be accessed securely and conveniently on the road
  • Easy integration of DRACOON as a drive in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder through DRACOON for Win/Mac - thus you
    continue to use your familiar storage path and conveniently mount DRACOON as a drive into the Explorer - the sync with the cloud
    runs comfortably in the background
  • No matter where you are or which device you are working with, you can access DRACOON via web browser
    and without downloading additional software
  • User acceptance is very high thanks to the intuitive operation of all clients
We chose the Enterprise File Sync and Share solution from DRACOON because we could integrate DRACOON conveniently into our existing Controlware Service Center via the JSON/Rest interfaces. With this ISO-27001-certified solution, we enable our customers and partners to exchange highly secure data without limits.

Officially Excellent


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Paving your way to digitalization

Modernization made simple for your IT infrastructure

  • Replacement of outdated and unsafe solutions such as
    • FTP-Server
    • File-Server+Remote Access
  • Extended functions, for example through integration in SharePoint, such as encryption, share links, easy integration of external parties, etc.
  • All employees have their own private home drive - this allows the use of USB sticks
    or private cloud storage are completely prohibited and shadow IT is effectively prevented
  • All of your files can be stored digitally and centrally in a secure manner due to the unlimited storage space
  • Open API and SDKs enable easy integration into your processes and systems

Further information about the DRACOON API

Award-winning DRACOON

Highest security certifications for highest standards

  • Compliance with relevant data protection and other compliance regulations simplifies implementation
  • ULD data protection quality seal (number 02-04/2015, valid until 21.03.2020)
  • ISO / IEC 27001-norm for information security management systems
  • Double leader in the ISG-Quadrant for "Enterprise Cloud Filesharing"
DRACOON's certifications and quality seals

Modern user and rights management

Always in sight: Who has access to which data?

  • Fine-grained rights assignment, so that each user only has the rights he needs
  • User management tailored to companies, so that rights can be set individually or for groups
  • The organisational sovereignty lies with the IT department, without it having read rights to data rooms such as payroll accounting or management
  • Time limitation of users and user rights e.g. for projects
  • Easy integration of external partners, e.g. suppliers, agencies or during audits

More information about the user and rights management


DRACOON's secure data room offers extremely secure file sharing "Made in Germany" for enterprise requirements.

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