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  • Easily send files via download links and file requests
  • No size limit when sending large files (with client-side encryption up to 60 GB per file)
  • Send encrypted file attachments or entire emails in a GDPR-compliant manner via DRACOON for Outlook
  • Notification of completed downloads/uploads, for example to confirm that documents have been received


  • Project managers can independently create data rooms and assign permissions, which greatly reduces the IT department’s workload and allows departments to work more effectively and efficiently
  • Specify when user rights and download links/file requests expire for easy project coordination
  • Share settings can be customized to meet individual needs, for example, by specifying the maximum number of downloads or assigning passwords
  • Avoids duplicate files because all employees in DRACOON data rooms have access to the latest documents at all times and can work on files together with internal or external users
  • The ability to easily add users without Active Directory access saves the IT department a significant amount of time

The features of DRACOON and the fact that it is a German, certified manufacturer have absolutely convinced and excited us. As a partner, we can thus replace outdated systems with a modern file service at our customers without much effort - and even give it a personalized branding.

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Security by Design

Your Data Belongs to You - and You Alone!

  • Trust end-to-end encryption, which includes client-side encryption. Only this encryption provides maximum protection for your data. With this type of encryption not even an admin or DRACOON as operator can decrypt your data, because the key remains with the owner at all times. Many other providers handle this differently.
  • Secure encryption, auditable at any time thanks to the use of open source cryptography
  • DRACOON offers unlimited storage space so that you and all your employees can securely save and share all of the company’s data both internally and externally. This eliminates the need for insecure solutions, such as private cloud storage or USB flash drives, that are neither GDPR-compliant nor under the company’s control
  • Passwords are sent separately for additional security
  • Multi-factor authentication offers a higher level of security to protect your DRACOON account from unauthorized access
  • File versioning for all files ensures that you do not lose a single file in a ransomware attack
  • Compliance requirements can be easily enforced through rule-based data policies

Platform-Agnostic Work

Access to Your Data - Anytime from Anywhere

Universal access is the core of the DRACOON product philosophy. DRACOON provides you with client software or apps for easy access for different end devices and operating systems. Specifically, access can be made with web browsers, native DRACOON applications for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS, DRACOON apps for Apple iOS and Google Android, an add-in for Microsoft Outlook (under Windows) as well as WebDAV. All DRACOON clients support full end-to-end encryption. 

  • Every employee can use DRACOON as a file service platform right from their mobile device via the dedicated apps for iOS and Android – allowing them to conveniently and securely access all of their files while out of the office
  • DRACOON can easily be integrated into Windows Explorer and Mac Finder as a drive using DRACOON for Windows/Mac. Mount DRACOON as a local drive and continue to save files the familiar way – files are synchronized with the cloud in the background
  • No matter where you are or what device you’re currently using, you can access DRACOON via your web browser and use it without downloading additional
  • All of the DRACOON clients have an intuitive user interface, resulting in a high level of user acceptance

We selected DRACOON's enterprise file sync and share solution because we were able to easily integrate DRACOON with our existing Controlware Service Desk via the JSON/REST interfaces. With this ISO 27001-certified solution, we give our customers and partners the ability to share files via a highly secure platform without any limits.

Certified Excellence


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Your Path to Digital Transformation

This is How Easy Modernizing Your IT Infrastructure Can Be

  • Replace obsolete and insecure solutions such as:
    • FTP servers
    • File servers and remote access
  • Enhanced functionality, for example through integration with SharePoint, encryption, download links, easily giving access to third parties, etc.
  • All employees in Active Directory have their own personal home drive – this means company’s can completely prohibit the use of USB flash drives or private cloud storage and effectively prevent shadow IT
  • All of your files can be saved to a central digital platform thanks to unlimited storage space
  • An open API and SDKs make it easy to integrate DRACOON into your processes and systems

Further Information on DRACOON’s API and Documentation

DRACOON Holds Multiple Certifications

Recognized Security Certifications to Meet the Highest Standards

Information security and data protection are very important issues for DRACOON in operation and further development. Therefore DRACOON operates an information security management system (ISMS), which is audited and certified according to ISO 27001. Furthermore, the compliance with the high requirements of information security according to the BSI's requirements catalog Cloud Computing (C5) was successfully certified by an independent auditor.

  • Important certifications, as well as compliance with relevant data protection and compliance guidelines, make it easier for you to implement
  • Our system fulfills all of the relevant privacy and compliance guidelines and has received numerous prestigious certifications, making it easy for you to get started
  • BSI C5 certification 
  • ISO/IEC 27001 standard for information security management systems
  • Four-time leader in the ISG Enterprise Cloud File Sharing Quadrant
Security Certifications and Seals Awarded to DRACOON

Modern User and Rights Management

Always Know Who Has Access to Which Files

  • Highly granular permissions so that each user only has the access rights they need
  • User management designed for companies so that permissions can be assigned individually or to entire groups
  • The IT department maintains organizational control without having read access to data rooms such as payroll accounting or management
  • Ability to specify when users and user rights expire, for example when working on projects
  • Easily grant access to external partners, such as suppliers, agencies, or during audits

More Information on User and Rights Management


DRACOON’s secure data room offers extremely secure file sharing “made in Germany” for enterprise requirements.

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