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Use Our Excellent File Service for the Insurance Industry

Insurance data usually contains highly sensitive data that allows massive conclusions to be drawn about the person. Nevertheless, the time factor also counts in the insurance industry: Quotations must be calculated and transmitted digitally, damage reports must be submitted quickly, but also consultation minutes and contract contents should be made available centrally. DRACOON offers insurance companies a digital platform from the cloud with which all information can be stored, managed and shared in a highly secure manner. The file service has received several awards, because DRACOON...

  • originates from Germany, is also developed there and complies with German data protection laws - thus DRACOON also complies with the EU-GDPR,
  • stores all data via end-to-end encryption and offers with its client-side encryption the highest protection for sensitive data: all information sent via DRACOON or stored in the cloud is maximally secure because the key needed to decrypt the data always stays with you compared to other solutions,
  • has been certified and awarded several times, among others with the BSI C5-Testat, ISO27001, IDW PS 951 and many more
  • and is already used by many insurance companies such as Nürnberger Versicherung, Barmer, AOK.


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Insurance companies possess extremely sensitive data that must be handled with the utmost care. Nevertheless, customers expect access to a wide range of services available electronically – be it in the form of a consultation, signing a contract, or submitting a claim.

DRACOON offers insurance companies a digital platform in the cloud that they can use to easily save, manage, and share files in a highly secure way.

Your benefits:

  • Use Case: Examples of How Insurance Companies Use DRACOON
  • Maximum Security: Certifications and Security Features
  • Easy Integration: Open Interfaces and Simple
  • Setup and Operation

Insurance Companies Can Easily Digitize Processes with DRACOON

When it comes to securely sharing files at insurance companies, it’s important to remember:
DRACOON is a GDPR-compliant cloud with end-to-end encryption and can be used to successfully digitize the insurance industry.

Insurance companies possess extremely sensitive data that must be handled with the utmost care. Nevertheless, customers expect access to a wide range of services available electronically – be it in the form of a consultation, signing a contract, or submitting a claim.

Use Case: Central Data Storage Platform for Insurance Companies

During the consultation phase, insurance advisors want to provide sales documents and subsequently also the contract documents to their customers. This is normally done using printed brochures and flyers as well as USB flash drives. The drawback of using only analog materials is that the advisor doesn’t know when the customer will actually review the documents again.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
All of your sales documents are saved in a central location and can be sent to customers at any time via a download link, without having to use insecure means that can’t be tracked like USB sticks. Using the DRACOON app, the files can also be accessed or sent via mobile devices. The advisor can receive a notification as soon as the file has been downloaded and then follow up with the customer. Contracts can also be sent securely via download links and uploaded again after being signed by the customer. As a result, DRACOON saves valuable time and simultaneously enhances communication with the customer.

Use Case: Securely Share Files between Insurance Companies, Customers, Attorneys, Experts, Appraisers, and Many More

Insurance companies have to share many sensitive documents between different parties in the event of a claim – sometimes even across national borders. This means the ideal solution allows insurance companies, customers, attorneys, experts, appraisers, surveyors and many other parties to securely communicate in compliance with applicable privacy laws. Since the GDPR stipulates that sensitive data should only be sent in encrypted form and personal data may only be sent in encrypted form, such data shouldn’t ever be sent by e-mail or as an e-mail attachment. Often the attachments are also much too large to be sent by e-mail.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
Insurance companies can send relevant documents in the form of a secure download link or receive documents via a file request (upload link). At the same time, DRACOON’s data room structure and rights management (such as the ability to assign read and write rights) can be tailored to the individual needs of the insurance company for easy document management – such as creating a data room with user-specific access rights for each customer. This gives customers permanent access to relevant documents such as a foreign health insurance certificate, but they can also submit documents themselves, such as invoices for their health insurance. Appraisers, on the other hand, only have the ability to upload their reports without having access to other documents. This is how DRACOON helps insurance company share files easily and securely.

Use Case: Optimize Claims Processing

When processing claims, many documents, photographs, and other records must be collected in a central location so that the appraiser can review them quickly.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
In the event of a claim, customers can take photos of the damage with their smartphone and upload them directly to their dedicated DRACOON data room. This is where all of the relevant documents and data relating to the claim are collected and securely saved. Similarly, authorized appraisers can upload photos, documentation, or voice notes when gathering data in the field. In this way, DRACOON acts as a digital claims file for your customers and simplifies and accelerates further processing.

Use Case: Customer App, Digital Mailbox

Up until now, it’s been common for policyholders to have to submit doctor’s notes and invoices to their local service center for reimbursement or mail them in – an extremely inconvenient process.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
DRACOON’s secure data storage system can be integrated into an app that allows policyholders to upload doctor’s notes and invoices conveniently from their smartphone at any time. The app can also be used as a digital mailbox to receive important documents faster and manage them securely. This ensures that your customer is always up to date and aware of the latest information.

Use Case: Branch Offices 

Branch offices’ file services are often connected via MPLS and VPN today, which is very expensive and complex.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
DRACOON propels file services into the digital age, enabling them to be used via HTTPS over low-cost, standard Internet connections. In this context, the caching technology implemented in the DRACOON clients for Windows and Mac also helps.

Use Case: Audits

Insurance companies often need to provide documentation of the measures they have implemented to keep data and information secure.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
By using DRACOON, insurance companies can demonstrate that they comply with the necessary guidelines governing the storage, transfer, and management of data.


Send Emails of Any Size
in Compliance with the GDPR

All employees have the possibility to send or receive large files comfortably and securely via a release link. Thus, there are no size restrictions as for the email inbox. At the same time, all emails are GDPR-compliant, as the file attachments or the entire email can be sent fully encrypted.

Confidential Files
Stay Confidential

Through the role of data room manager, DRACOON allows departments to take control of managing their data rooms themselves. This not only reduces the IT department’s administrative workload, but also prevents access to confidential files such as payroll data.

Secure Access Anytime
from Anywhere

All employees can use DRACOON as a file service directly on their mobile devices via the native apps. This means they have secure and convenient access to all their files, even when out of the office.

Up-To-Date Documents
without Duplicates

Employees can all collaborate on files in DRACOON data rooms with internal employees or external partners. Thanks to the central and secure platform, everyone has access to the latest documents at all times, eliminating duplicates.

Maintain Control over Your Data

In line with the principle of privacy by design, DRACOON features built-in client-side encryption. DRACOON offers maximum protection of both sent and saved files, because unlike with other solutions, the owner is the only person who has the decryption key.

Effectively Prevent Shadow IT

Every employee has their own personal home drive. This means companies can completely prohibit the use of USB flash drives or private cloud storage and effectively prevent shadow IT.


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