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DRACOON’s universal API offers a variety of different ways to extend your existing systems without creating new, isolated solutions. Over 130 available connection options offer the perfect basis for communicating with the many other systems you work with every day. Using DRACOON’s JSON/REST-API, you can create individual workflows and automations that will dramatically increase your productivity. In addition, our SDKs (software development kits) give developers the ability to create customized solutions on the basis of our file services platform. In this context, DRACOON always acts as the central file storage location in the background. At the same time, both you and your customers can access all of the files you need at the touch of a button.


DRACOON’s API Alliance

Many companies are experts in their field and offer outstanding IT solutions. However, more value than a single solution is offered by the sum of all benefits of all these outstanding services: This is why DRACOON has created the API Alliance, a technology partner universe with world leading IT companies such as NetApp, Avira, Telekom, Bechtle, DATEV and many more, who can seamlessly integrate their products into DRACOON to provide customers with the greatest possible functionality and security.

Your advantages:

  • Rely on our API Alliance and benefit from the close networking of a wide range of solutions
  • Close existing gaps in your company's information process
  • Make your daily work and that of your employees and partners even more efficient

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Real-World Examples of the DRACOON API in Use


The Hesse State Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information provides a form that can be downloaded for the purpose of reporting violations of privacy law. Users can fill out the form locally on their device and then request an upload link to submit the completed form to the Hesse State Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. This is carried out using HessenDrive as a secure platform to share documents, which is built on DRACOON.


Rödl & Partner use Microsoft SharePoint to implement their own workflows that collect data for annual financial statements. To add additional functionality to SharePoint, the company natively integrated DRACOON via the API. For example, the company can easily integrate external parties into its internal workflows and does not need to add them to the company’s internal Active Directory. Furthermore, DRACOON serves as a secure storage location offering client-side encryption for these highly sensitive files.


German credit unions and cooperative banks (Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken) offer their customers a secure data safe in the form of an app called VR-Organizer. Using this app, customers can securely manage, categorize, and share documents such as policies, contracts, offers, or account statements via their smartphone. To do so, users only need to go through a simple sign-up process to create an account and a fully automated provisioning process is triggered in the background via the DRACOON API interface.


The Viactiv health insurance company has developed its own app for its policyholders. In this context, DRACOON forms a solid foundation for secure file transfer as well as saving and managing files and documents. For example, the insurance company’s customers can submit doctor’s notes or invoices directly to the company via the app and receive important information directly in their digital app mailbox.

Here you can find the complete Use Case for the Health Insurance App.


24sessions, a service provider for video calls, automatically saves each recorded video session with a defined expiration date in DRACOON using a custom API integration they developed themselves. As a result, the video files are saved securely and in compliance with the GDPR for the period agreed upon with the customer and are then automatically deleted according to the terms of the contract after the storage period has expired.


AEQUIFIN, an online marketplace for litigation financing, has integrated DRACOON into its web portal – a DRACOON account is automatically created in the background for newly registered users and then authorized for the corresponding legal proceedings. This gives customers convenient access to the relevant files so that they can participate in the legal cases offered via the website easily, quickly, and securely.


A tour operator offers its customers the ability to upload important travel documents such as passports, airline tickets, booking information for rental vehicles, etc. via its app before a trip. In this context, DRACOON forms the basis for securely transferring files as well as saving and managing data. As a result, customers can access all of the documents relevant to and needed during their trip at any time. This ensures that all of the documents are organized and easily accessible at short notice, particularly in emergency situations.


In a pilot project, Fiducia & GAD IT AG developed a widget to integrate the internal DRACOON environment into Lotus Notes. The tool can be used to automatically convert email attachments into secure download links so that the data can be shared with external parties outside the email system via a defined and secure transport route.

In addition, Fiducia & GAD IT AG, together with Deutsche Telekom, implements the secure data exchange for all German credit unions and cooperative banks (Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken) in Germany. Here you can find the complete Success Story about Fiducia & GAD IT AG and Deutsche Telekom based on DRACOON.


thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG is the parent company of the steel segment of ThyssenKrupp AG. The company uses several proprietary tools to automatically process regular and/or frequently recurring tasks. For example, the company wants all of its DRACOON users to be members of a certain user group – missing users are automatically added to the group by a script and thus automatically authorized to access global data rooms. Another script creates a home room with the appropriate permissions for each DRACOON user so that each user has access to a personal data room. In the isolated high-security area, each user has two DRACOON accounts, because files from outside must first be uploaded via a special account in order to be scanned by integrated security tools before being used internally. The new files are only moved to the respective user’s internal account after passing the security check, where they can then be used in the restricted area.


Keba AG is a multinational company that develops and produces automation solutions for industrial automation, banking and service automation, and energy automation. KEBA distributes software updates for the heating control units it supports via DRACOON. Thanks to the API integration, it’s possible to automatically check whether the customer’s systems are authorized to receive the necessary updates. This automation means that updates are distributed quickly and easily, which not only reduces support employees’ workload but also increases the security of the corresponding system landscape.


Use our Zapier app to integrate DRACOON into over 2,000 B2B applications without programming effort.


Your advantages:

check_green Define workflows to automate routine tasks

check_green Connect DRACOON with over 2,000 business apps

check_green No programming knowledge required


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Features of the DRACOON API 

  • The universal application programming interface allows you to easily integrate DRACOON into your existing IT environment
  • Every customer has the ability to fully use DRACOON’s complete range of features via the API
  • DRACOON is the secure storage location for all your files – this is particularly important in the case of IoT systems that usually do not have their own storage but can be connected via the DRACOON API
  • Effortlessly connect to third-party vendors for easy and secure sharing and automation of documents and data from other systems
  • Extend DRACOON’s built-in functionality by integrating partners like Avira, Digittrade, FoxIT, NetApp, NetSfere, and many more
  • Increase your productivity, as the benefits of all the systems used are consolidated via the API
  • Extend the functionality of existing applications such as Microsoft SharePoint by adding encryption, third-party access, etc.
  • Easily utilize the API for your own unique use cases thanks to SDKs, extensive API documentation, and a developer community
  • Our experienced consultants are happy to help you implement your own custom integrations


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