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Everyone Should Have Control Over Their Own Data
DRACOON Is Actively Involved in Professional Organizations and Associations

DRACOON is committed to fulfilling its responsibility to society and helping individuals, companies, and countries regain control over their data. That is why we are constantly enhancing our file services and actively involved in professional organizations and associations that support us in our mission:


Alliance for Cybersecurity / Federal Office for Information Security

By establishing the Alliance for Cybersecurity in 2012, Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) aims to strengthen the country’s ability to withstand cyber attacks.

More information about the Alliance for Cybersecurity.


Federal Association of the German Security and Defense Industry (BDSV)

DRACOON was the first software company to be named a full member of the Federal Association of the German Security and Defense Industry (BDSV). The BDSV acts as a liaison between companies, policymakers, civil society, institutions, and the media, and supports the preservation and enforcement of justice, freedom, and security. These goals are also a top priority for DRACOON – in times of hacker attacks, data abuse, or even the stringent regulations enshrined in the GDPR, data security plays a central role for companies.

More information about the BDSV.

BVMW Member

German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW)

The BVMW is the largest, politically independent and cross-industry interest grouping of German medium-sized businesses. Within the framework, it represents more than 30 medium-sized associations with 900,000 members.

More information about the BVMW.


Bavarian Association for Security in the Economy (BVSW)

The Bavarian Association for Security in the Economy (BVSW) was founded by well-known Bavarian companies in 1976 as a non-profit association. Its member companies are active in the commercial, industrial, insurance, security, IT, and private service sectors. The BVSW advises on security issues, holds regular conferences and workshops, and offers a wide range of vocational and advanced training programs.

More information about the BVSW.


Business Club Organized by the Wirtschaftszeitung Regensburg Newspaper

Important decision-makers from businesses throughout the region gather at the business club organized by the Wirtschaftszeitung Regensburg newspaper.

More information about the business club organized by the Wirtschaftszeitung Regensburg newspaper.



#cnetz is a non-profit association that takes a position on digital policy issues and makes its expertise available to elected officials at the federal and state level. #cnetz does not require its members to be affiliated with a political party, but they share a common view of politics that is based on civic values. #cnetz believes that digitization is one of the central challenges to the future viability and ongoing advancement of life together – socially, culturally, politically, and economically. In this context, #cnetz regards data security and mutual trust as fundamental principles of a globally connected, digital society.

More information about #cnetz.


German Cybersecurity Organization (DCSO)

The DCSO German Cybersecurity Organization was founded by German companies for German companies – in response to the asymmetrical threat of globally organized cybercrime and industrial espionage. It offers German businesses a protected and completely manufacturer-agnostic platform to collaborate. Here, companies can share information about cybersecurity threats with each other, but also with authorities and research institutes, and jointly develop effective strategies and solutions to prevent, defend against, and respond to such threats.

More information about the DCSO.


Munich Security Network

The Munich Security Network is an association of leading stakeholders, organizations, and research institutions active in the field of information and cybersecurity from around the greater Munich area. Its aim is to promote industrial collaboration through joint research and innovation projects. Its members meet regularly to discuss current challenges facing the sector with governments and research institutions.

More information about the Security Network Munich.


Economic Council

The Economic Council (Wirtschaftsrat der CDU e.V.) is a national German business association founded in 1963 that currently has approximately 12,000 members. It represents the interests of the business community vis-à-vis policymakers, public authorities, and the general public.

More information about the Economic Council.


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