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Pioneering Cloud Service for the Technology, Transport, Energy and Automotive Industries

Digitization as a Driving Force and Guarantee of Success for the Technology, Transport, Energy and Automotive Industries

There is hardly any other sector where information on production processes, technical details, manufacturing or even internal information from the service sector has such a special significance as in the industrial, technological, transport, energy or automotive sectors. In order to secure competitive advantages, it is immensely important that this data is protected from the public, because the damage that results if it falls into the wrong hands is enormous.

The focus is on ensuring that all this information is available with maximum security at all locations so that suppliers, customers and service providers can work together successfully in real time without restrictions. The easiest way to do this is in the cloud, but there are many different compliance requirements that need to be met.

DRACOON's certified File Service fulfills various security requirements and the specifications of TISAX, because DRACOON...

  • is produced and operated as a German solution in Germany and is therefore subject to the strict German data protection laws,
  • has end-to-end encryption including client-side encryption for maximum protection of sensitive data - sent and stored data is thus maximally secured, because the key for decryption remains only with you, unlike other solutions,
  • is a holder of certifications such as BSI C5 and ISO27001
  • and has references such as Thyssen Steel, ElringKlinger, ŠKODA and many more, some of whom have been using DRACOON successfully for many years.

Security Certifications and Seals Awarded to DRACOON

Send Emails of Any Size in Compliance with the GDPR

All employees have the possibility to send or receive large files comfortably and securely via a release link. Thus, there are no size restrictions as for the email inbox. At the same time, all emails are GDPR-compliant, as the file attachments or the entire email can be sent fully encrypted.

Confidential Files Stay Confidential

Through the role of data room manager, DRACOON allows departments to take control of managing their data rooms themselves. This not only reduces the IT department’s administrative workload, but also prevents access to confidential files such as payroll data.

Secure Access Anytime
from Anywhere

All employees can use DRACOON as a file service directly on their mobile devices via the native apps. This means they have secure and convenient access to all their files, even when out of the office.

Up-To-Date Documents
without Duplicates

Employees can all collaborate on files in DRACOON data rooms with internal employees or external partners. Thanks to the central and secure platform, everyone has access to the latest documents at all times, eliminating duplicates.

Maintain Control
over Your Data

In line with the principle of privacy by design, DRACOON features built-in client-side encryption. DRACOON offers maximum protection of both sent and saved files, because unlike with other solutions, the owner is the only person who has the decryption key.

Effectively Prevent
Shadow IT

Every employee has their own personal home drive. This means companies can completely prohibit the use of USB flash drives or private cloud storage and effectively prevent shadow IT.


Industrial Companies Can Use DRACOON to Easily and Securely Digitize Their Processes

When it comes to the digitization of the technology, transport, energy, and automotive industries, it’s important to remember:
Industrial companies possess extremely sensitive data that must be handled with the utmost care. DRACOON is a GDPR-compliant cloud with end-to-end encryption that, thanks to its certifications, is easy to implement and offers a wide range of possible applications.

Use Case: Automated Archiving of Machine Data

Data produced by machines requires a secure storage location.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
DRACOON is the secure storage location for your machine data – this is especially important for IoT systems which usually do not have their own dedicated storage. Instead, the systems can be easily integrated via the DRACOON API and the files stored in DRACOON automatically.

Use Case: Research/Protecting Patents

Industrial companies often invest large sums of money in R&D. The results of these activities and the company’s patents require special protection, as the firm’s operations are built on them.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
You can save research data encrypted on the client side in DRACOON data rooms. Assign appropriate access rights to your employees so that only authorized individuals have access to the data rooms. 

Use Case: Auditing/TISAX

A large number of manufacturers and suppliers require documentation of information security measures from many business partners, e.g. TISAX.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
By using DRACOON, industrial companies can demonstrate that they comply with the necessary guidelines governing the storage, transfer, and management of data, e.g. in the context of TISAX.

Use Case: Central Platform to Save and Share Files with International Subsidiaries

International corporations operate subsidiaries all over the world. In order to collaborate effectively, they need a common, secure data source.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
Every employee has a DRACOON account and has secure access to the relevant files. Employees can work together on joint projects via project data rooms. To make collaboration even easier, DRACOON for Windows and Mac allows you to integrate the data rooms directly into the Explorer/Finder – meaning all of the project participants can work on the files directly “in the cloud” using all of their local applications.

Use Case: Mobile Data Sharing

Data must often be shared securely with employees outside of the office, such as signed documents from truck drivers.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
Sign the documents directly via app (e.g. PDF Expert) and upload them to DRACOON via WebDAV.

Use Case: Sales

During the consultation phase, sales employees want to provide sales documents – and after closing the deal – also the contract documents to their customers.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
All of your sales documents are saved in a central location and can be sent to customers at any time via a download link, without having to use insecure means that can’t be tracked like USB sticks. Using the DRACOON app, the files can also be accessed or sent via mobile devices. The sales staff can receive a notification as soon as the file has been downloaded and then follow up with the customer. Contracts can also be sent securely via download links and uploaded again after being signed by the customer.

Use Case: Project Work

Large projects, such as construction projects or factory expansions, require project data rooms for large amounts of data that employees and external partners and service providers need to have access to. 

Your advantage with DRACOON:
You can give all of the participants access to the files via DRACOON with the appropriate access rights. You can also specify that the access granted to external partners and service providers expires after a certain period of time. To make collaboration even easier, DRACOON for Windows and Mac allows you to integrate the data rooms directly into the Explorer/Finder – meaning all of the project participants can work on the files directly “in the cloud” using all of their local applications.

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