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DRACOON’s user and rights management:
The data sovereignty lies in your hands

As a business solution, we have designed DRACOON to specially meet the needs of companies, so that data sovereignty always remains with you.

For example, you can create any number of data rooms and subordinate data rooms – and use them to map the company structure.

In addition, you determine for each individual data room who has access to your data internally and externally and to what extent. This ensures that certain persons, for example, only receive reading rights, while others can edit and delete data. Therefore, the IT department retains organizational sovereignty, but can also be completely excluded from certain data rooms such as salaries, balance sheets, etc. for access.

Furthermore, all user and data access can be limited to a certain amount of time.
The integrated reporting tool with audit log also give you information about files access at any time. 


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A comprehensive overview incl. descriptions of all roles and rights can be found on our support page:

All about user and rights management

Users, roles and rights

DRACOON has an integrated role-based authorization concept on which the entire administration is based. This role-based approach makes it possible to transfer the management of department data directly to the relevant departments, which can then manage them themselves.

The five roles are:

  • Config Manager: Specify system settings (general activation of the Triple-Crypt® Technology, mail server settings, Active Directory connection, etc.)
  • User Manager: User management (add, edit and remove users)
  • Group Manager: Group management (create, edit and delete user groups; add and remove users from groups)
  • Data Room Manager: Create, rename and delete first-level data rooms; determine storage space limits (quotas) for these data rooms
  • Auditor: The user can view the system log and evaluate test with the reporting tool. The audit log records all user activity within DRACOON.

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