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DRACOON’s User and Rights Management:
The Data Sovereignty Lies in Your Hands

As a business solution, we designed DRACOON to fully meet enterprise needs so that companies always retain control over their data.

An example of this is that you can create any number of top-level data rooms as well as lower-level data rooms within them – allowing you to replicate any corporate organizational structure.

In addition, you can individually specify who has access to your data internally and externally and to what extent for each data room. This way, you can ensure that certain individuals are granted read-only rights, for example, while others can also edit and delete files. As a result, the IT department retains organizational control, but can also be completely prevented from accessing certain data rooms that contain files like salaries, balance sheets, etc.

Furthermore, you can set user accounts and file access to expire after a certain period of time. The built-in reporting tool with an audit log also provides information on every file access at any time. 


How to create a appropriate structure for your company

How to create a appropriate user rights and group structure 

Users, Roles, and Rights

DRACOON entire system of administration is based on a built-in role-based authorization concept. This role-based approach allows companies to transfer management of departmental data directly to the relevant departments, which can then manage access to their files themselves.

The five roles are:

  • Configuration Manager: Can modify system settings (general activation of client-side encryption, Active Directory connection, authentication methods, etc.)
  • User Manager: Can manage users (create, edit, and delete users)
  • Group Manager: Can manage groups (create, edit, and delete user groups; assign users to groups)
  • Room Manager: Can create, rename, and delete top-level data rooms; can specify any storage space restrictions (quotas) for these data rooms
  • Auditor: Can view the audit log and run reports using the reporting tool. The audit log records all user activities on DRACOON.


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