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DRACOON — Your highly secure platform for file services

Every company faces the challenge of storing, managing, and sharing data digitally and securely. Current legislation, compliance, and technical restrictions make data handling difficult and inconvenient. Make it easy for yourself by relying on the right partner who knows your needs, the security requirements for your data, and your daily challenges exactly: DRACOON from Regensburg in Germany is the market leader in the area of Enterprise File Services* in the German-speaking area and has made it its business to give the world back its data sovereignty with its platform.

With DRACOON, the protector of digital freedom has been given a shape and a name. DRACOON associates both "DRAGON" and "COCOON". Both qualities are embodied by a good protector. The "Dragon" in DRACOON protects digital treasures as securely as you know it from dragons in sagas and legends. All content stored in DRACOON or shared via DRACOON is absolutely secure against unauthorized access. "Cocoon" in DRACOON symbolizes the protected space in which DRACOON stores the digital assets of its users. Only the owner of the data has the key to the Cocoon. Thus DRACOON is your key to digital freedomwithout worries and without compromises.

Experience how with DRACOON you can store, share, and exchange data in a secure, simple, intuitive, and GDPR-compliant way. Over 400,000 business users from a wide variety of industries already entrust their data to DRACOON. What about you?

* By file services we mean the universal finding, accessing, collaborating, analyzing, transforming, and backing up of files.


Far ahead of the competition

5 reasons that make DRACOON the only alternative

DRACOON was designed particularly to meet daily business needs. Within its extensive feature-sets you will especially profit from the following 5 features:

  • The integrated end-to-end encryption offers maximum protection for sent and stored files, because the key for decryption always remains with the owner. Nobody else, not even the administrator or DRACOON as operator, has access unlike other solutions.
  • Thanks to intelligent user and rights management, only authorized users have appropriate access rights.
  • With its own URL and branding, DRACOON integrates seamlessly into your corporate design.
  • With the data protection-friendly technology design (Privacy by Design) and default settings (Privacy by Default), you as a user automatically work in compliance with data protection and fulfil all compliance and GDPR guidelines.
  • Existing applications can be easily connected via the open JSON/REST API so that no data silos are created.

Put your trust in DRACOON - your data belongs only to you!


Trust the German market leader for Enterprise File Services

The right choice:
Cloud Service "Made in Germany"!

As a German company we are obliged to comply with the strict German data protection laws and to ensure that only authorized users gain access to DRACOON and therefore to your data. As the leading German business solution for file services, DRACOON carries various seals such as BSI C5, ISO27001, and EuroPriSe, which certify DRACOON's highest security standards.

The fulfilment of industry-relevant data protection and compliance guidelines as well as important certifications simplify the introduction and the way into the cloud.

DRACOON's certifications and quality seals


Open for all your other applications—the central data platform

Easy integration into existing systems and avoid data silos

With DRACOON you not only rely on a highly secure Enterprise File Service solution. You also get a backend that is open for all your existing software:

  • All functions can be used via the public API, so every customer has access to the complete functional range of the DRACOON platform for integration
  • Open API and SDKs for Java, Swift and C# enable easy integration into your processes and systems
  • Automations and extended functions, for example for CRM, ERP, merchandise management or SharePoint, such as encryption, approval links, easy integration of external parties, etc.
  • Creation of individual company reports and queries

Further information about the DRACOON API

Officially Excellent

DRACOON's Awards


Only authorized users have access to the data

Intelligent user and rights management can be that simple!

The finely granulated rights system with central administration ensures that your IT department retains organizational sovereignty, but does not receive read and write access to sensitive financial and personnel data, for example. Internal employees as well as external project partners can be quickly and easily integrated into relevant data rooms with individual authorizations. All users and data can also be limited in their availability to meet deletion deadlines or have authorizations expire automatically after a project.

More information about the user and rights management


The right version for every company

Operating models for the perfect DRACOON experience

DRACOON is available as a cloud, hybrid, or on demand also as an on-premises version. It provides all components you need for secure data exchange. Often, company guidelines specify the use of on-premises solutions. However, shorter update cycles and diverse feature innovations support data storage in the cloud. DRACOON lets you experience "Software as a Service" and still offers you the best of all worlds. Let us advise you!

To the different versions of DRACOON

DRACOON fits perfectly into our IT system infrastructure and also ensures highly secure data exchange, even with sensitive, business-critical data.
Markus Wolff
Teamleiter Portale & Webdesign ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland GmbH
For us, DRACOON is the optimal business solution for data exchange, as the software is manufactured in Germany and the data is stored in certified, German data centers. We were also convinced by the complete branding capability - both URL and texts, as well as clients and apps can be adapted to our design - the individual design not only appeals to our employees, but also to our external partners and customers.
Christian Stöcker
Systemadministration LOWA Sportschuhe GmbH
As an ISP and cloud service provider, we were looking for an enterprise cloud file-sharing solution that would fulfill the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in particular, but also of corporate groups, while offering a scalable model with an attractive entry level. After a market comparison, we clearly chose DRACOON as OEM solution and are very satisfied with the cooperation and implementation. Thus we combine the advantages of our own high-quality data center with the permanent further development of this business customer product.
Jens Hampe
Leiter Vertrieb und Marketing aligia GmbH

DRACOON - the industry specialist

With DRACOON every industry succeeds in digitalisation.

Banking, insurance, and finance

  • Provision of evaluations, liquidity and financial plans, investment portfolios, annual financial statements through to notices, contracts and invoices
  • Secure exchange between banks, consultants, clients, tax consultants, and auditors (without size restrictions, but with individual access rights)
  • Processing of joint data for financial projects with internal and external partners
  • Mobile access to changes in BWA, P&L, and other documents

DRACOON for finance



  • One central storage location for all patient data
  • Immediate provision of protected treatment data, health and patient data, laboratory results, MRT files, or X-ray images, also mobile and device-independent
  • Secure data exchange between doctors, insurance companies, hospitals, laboratories, and medical care centers at home and abroad, without size restrictions

DRACOON for healthcare


Public authorities and offices

  • Optimizes internal cooperation and at the same time communication between the federal states, municipalities, federal government and citizens
  • Fast and secure data release and availability through download or upload function
  • Legally compliant use with data of the highest protection class thanks to client-side encryption
  • Ordered, up-to-date data material

DRACOON for authorities


Secured by DRACOON

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Further reasons for choosing DRACOON

Our wide range of features provides the best arguments


Thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive operation, you will quickly find your way around the system.

Data protection

With a data protection-friendly technology design (Privacy by Design) and default settings (Privacy by Default), you as a user automatically work in compliance with data protection regulations and comply with all compliance guidelines.

Email encryption

Enables encrypted delivery of email attachments and email bodies via DRACOON for Outlook without physically loading your inboxand fully GDPR compliant.

Integration as drive

Continue to use your known storage path and
bind DRACOON easily as a drive into the Explorer - the sync with the cloud runs comfortably in the background

Web app

No matter where you are or what device you are working with, you can access DRACOON via your web browser and use it without downloading any additional software.


Access your data anywhere and anytime secured via the natively developed DRACOON appsavailable for iOS and Android.

Integration through universal API

Connect other programs easily and uncomplicatedly and use DRACOON as a central data storage systemso no data silos are generated.

Ransomware protection

If files are encrypted during a ransomware attack, a version of these files is transferred to the recycle bin of DRACOON, which can be fully restored without data lossso you do not lose a single file in the event of an attack.

DRACOON: Leading in Enterprise File Services


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