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DRACOON — The Highly Secure Platform for All Your File Services Needs

Every company is faced with the challenge of how to securely save, manage, and share digital data. Current regulations, compliance requirements, and technical restrictions make handling data difficult and inconvenient. Make it easy for yourself by choosing the right partner who understands your needs, your data security requirements, and your daily challenges – DRACOON is the market leader in the field of enterprise file services* in the German-speaking region, and its mission is to give the world back control of its data with the help of its platform.

The protector of the world’s digital freedom has been given a face and a name: DRACOON. DRACOON is derived from the words DRAGON and COCOON, which are both qualities that a good protector should possess. The dragon in DRACOON protects digital treasures as securely as the dragons of legends and fairy tales. All of the content that is saved in DRACOON or shared via DRACOON is completely safe from unauthorized access. The cocoon in DRACOON symbolizes the protected space where DRACOON stores its users’ digital assets. Only the data owner has the key to the cocoon. As such, DRACOON is your key to digital freedom – without worries and without any compromises.

Discover how DRACOON keeps your data completely safe while allowing you to save, share, and transfer it in a simple, intuitive, and GDPR-compliant way. More than 400,000 business users from a wide variety of industries already entrust their data to DRACOON. What about you?

* By file services, we mean the universal ability to find, access, collaborate, analyze, transform, and backup files.


Light-Years Ahead of the Competition

6 Factors That Make DRACOON the Only Alternative

DRACOON was systematically designed to meet business requirements. Within its wide-ranging feature set, these six are particularly beneficial:

You can count on DRACOON – your key to digital freedom.


Trust in the German Market Leader for Enterprise File Services

The Right Choice:
Cloud Service "Made in Germany"

As a German service provider, we are subject to Germany’s extremely stringent privacy and data protection laws and guarantee that only authorized individuals gain access to DRACOON – and therefore to your data. Information security and privacy are also of central importance for the operation and further development of the DRACOON platform. Therefore DRACOON operates an Information Security Management System (ISMS) which is audited and certified according to ISO 27001. In addition, the compliance with the high requirements for information security according to the BSI’s catalog of requirements for cloud computing (C5) has been certified by an independent auditor.

Our system fulfills all of the relevant privacy and compliance guidelines and has received numerous prestigious certifications, making it easy for you to get started and move your data to the cloud.

Security Certifications and Seals Awarded to DRACOON


Open for All of Your Other Applications – A Central Platform for Your Files

Easily Connect Existing Systems and Eliminate Data Silos

By relying on DRACOON, you aren’t just relying on a highly secure enterprise file service solution. You also benefit from a system that is compatible with all of your existing software.

  • All of the features can be accessed via the public API, so every customer has access to the DRACOON platform’s full range of features for integration purposes
  • An open API and SDKs for Java, Swift, and C# make it easy to integrate DRACOON into your processes and systems
  • Automation and extended functionality such as encryption, download links, easily giving external partners access, etc. for CRM, ERP, merchandise management, or SharePoint
  • Ability to create custom company reports and queries

Further Information on DRACOON’s API and Documentation

Certified Excellence

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Only Authorized Users Have Access to Your Data

This Is How Simple Intelligent User and Rights Management Can Be!

DRACOON’s highly granular rights system with central administration ensures that your IT department retains organizational control, but does not receive read and write access to sensitive financial and HR data, for example. Internal employees as well as external project participants can be given access to relevant data rooms with individually defined permissions quickly and easily. In addition, you can specify time limits on the availability of all users and files in order to meet deletion deadlines or have access rights automatically expire after a project.

More Information on User and Rights Management


The Right Option for Every Company

The Operating Models for a Perfect DRACOON Experience

DRACOON is available as a cloud, hybrid, and on-premises solution (upon request) and provides all of the components you need for secure data transfer. Many company policies often dictate the use of on-premises solutions. Ever shorter update cycles and innovations in various features, however, are arguments in favor of storing data in the cloud. DRACOON delivers a true software-as-a-service experience and still offers you the best of all worlds. We look forward to speaking with you about your specific needs!

View the Different DRACOON Plans

DRACOON fits into our IT system landscape perfectly and moreover ensures that data sharing is extremely secure, even when it comes to sensitive, business-critical files.

Markus Wolff
Team Lead Portals & Webdesign ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland GmbH

To us, DRACOON is the perfect business solution for sharing data between systems, since the software is manufactured in Germany and the data is stored in certified German data centers. In addition, the ability to completely customize the software’s branding impressed us – URLs and other text, as well as clients and apps can be adapted to our CI. The custom design not only appeals to our employees, but also to our external partners and customers.

Christian Stöcker
System Administrator LOWA Sportschuhe GmbH

As an ISP and cloud services provider, we were looking for an enterprise cloud file sharing solution that would particularly meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, but also of large corporations, while offering a scalable model with an attractive price point to get started. After comparing various options on the market, the decision to select DRACOON as an OEM solution was obvious and we are extremely satisfied with the company’s service and implementation of the system. DRACOON allows us to combine the advantages of our own, high-quality data center with the ongoing enhancement of a product for enterprise customers.

Jens Hampe
Head of Sales and Marketing aligia GmbH

DRACOON - The Industry Expert

With DRACOON, digitization can be achieved in any industry.

Financial Sector

  • Sharing analyses, liquidity and financial plans, investment portfolios, annual financial statements, and even official notices, contracts, and invoices
  • Secure file sharing between banks, consultants, clients, tax advisors, and auditors – without size restrictions and with individual access rights
  • Collaborative data processing during financial projects with internal and external partners
  • Mobile access to changes in business reports, P&L statements, and other documents

DRACOON for the Financial Sector


Healthcare Sector

  • A central location to archive/save patient data
  • Immediately share confidential treatment data, health and patient data, laboratory results, MRT files or X-rays – including on mobile devices irrespective of the manufacturer
  • Secure data sharing between medical professionals, insurance companies, hospitals, laboratories, health insurance companies, and medical centers at home and abroad, without size limitations

DRACOON for the Healthcare Sector


Government Agencies and Offices

  • Project data rooms for large quantities of data that are accessible to internal and external users
  • Secure and GDPR-compliant communication with citizens via password-protected file requests and download links instead of e-mail
  • Legally compliant use with files classified at the highest security level thanks to client-side encryption

DRACOON for Government Agencies


Secured by DRACOON

Our team creates amazing products for happy customers all around the world.

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Additional Reasons to Choose DRACOON

Our extensive features offer the best arguments in favor of DRACOON.

Intuitive Interface

Thanks to DRACOON’s user-friendly and intuitive interface, you will quickly feel comfortable using the system.

Compliance with Privacy Law

Thanks to privacy-driven system design (privacy by design) and default settings (privacy by default), your activities as a user are automatically compliant with privacy law and fulfill all applicable compliance guidelines.

Email Encryption

DRACOON for Outlook allows you to send encrypted email attachments or, if required, entire emails– without having any noticeable impact on your email account and fully compliant with the GDPR.

Mount as a Local Drive

Mount DRACOON as a local drive in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) and continue to save files the familiar way – synchronization with the cloud is performed in the background.

Web App

No matter where you are or what device you’re currently using, you can access DRACOON via your web browser and use it without downloading additional software.


Access your data anywhere and anytime via the native DRACOON apps – available for iOS and Android.

Integration via Universal API

Easily integrate additional applications with DRACOON and use it as a central file storage location for all of them – thereby eliminating data silos.

Ransomware Protection

If files are encrypted during a ransomware attack, the previous version of these files is moved to the trash on DRACOON and can be completely restored without being damaged – ensuring that you don’t lose a single file during an attack.

DRACOON is the Leader in Enterprise File Services


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