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How successful digitisation works for authorities, public institutions and governments

Digitization simplifies and accelerates many processes and plays an increasingly important role, especially for public authorities, offices or in the public sector - especially for citizens who want to deal with their concerns as independently as possible of time and place. The digitization of processes can simplify many steps for all those involved, but it also poses many challenges for organizations.

DRACOON helps you to digitalise your processes, to expand your service offer and to protect your data to the maximum. The fulfilment of relevant data protection and compliance guidelines as well as important certifications makes the introduction easier for you, because DRACOON 

  • is manufactured and operated as a German solution in Germany and is therefore subject to the strict German data protection laws,
  • has end-to-end encryption including client-side encryption for maximum protection of personal data and data of the highest protection class - sent and stored data is thus maximally secure, because the key for decryption remains only with you, unlike other solutions,
  • is holder of important certifications such as BSI C5 and ISO27001,
  • and already has the confidence of references such as AKDB, Bavarian Parliament, City of Regensburg, City of Fürth and many more.

DRACOON's certifications and quality seals

Sending emails without size limits and GDPR-compliantly

All employees have the possibility to send or receive large files comfortably and securely via a release link. Thus, there are no size restrictions as for the email inbox. At the same time, all emails are GDPR-compliant, as the file attachment and, if required, the email body are converted into an encrypted release link.

Confidential data
remain confidential

DRACOON offers the possibility to take over the administration of your data rooms with the role of the data room administrator. This not only relieves the IT department of administrative work, but also excludes access to confidential data such as wage costs.

Anytime, anywhere
secure access

All employees can use DRACOON as a file service directly on their mobile devices via specially developed apps. This means that all data can be accessed securely and conveniently on the move.

Recent documents
without duplicates

All employees can work together on files in DRACOON data rooms with internal or external staff. Thanks to the central and secure platform, everyone has access to the latest documents at all times and duplicates are avoided.

Maintaining data sovereignty

According to the principle "Privacy by Design" DRACOON has an integrated client-side encryption. Sent and stored data are maximally protected, because the key for decryption always remains with the owner, in contrast to other solutions.

Effectively prevent shadow IT

All employees have their own private home drive. This means that the use of USB sticks or private cloud storage can be completely prohibited and shadow IT can be effectively prevented.

We and our customers often send large files. So far, we have either had problems with the amount of data or we have had a bad feeling whether our security measures really were sufficient. With DRACOON, we know when and by whom our data was retrieved, and we provide secure and easy access for all employees at all times, on every device. Due to our own design, our employees quickly felt "at home".

With DRACOON authorities can digitize their processes easily and securely

This is important for authorities, public institutions and governments when digitising:
Authorities have very sensitive data that must be handled with the utmost care. DRACOON is an end-to-end encrypted and DSGVO-compliant cloud and thanks to its certifications it is easy to implement and offers a wide range of applications.

Use Case: Data transmission in compliance with data protection

Many cities and municipalities often use special purpose associations for services, e.g. for traffic offences (speed cameras). These personal data must be transmitted quickly and securely to the city authorities for enforcement.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
The special purpose association can upload the files directly via upload link into a protected data room, to which only the responsible person in charge has access for further processing. In addition to images, other documents such as scans, plans or even time-dependent tender documents can of course also be sent.

Use Case: Data storage in compliance with data protection regulations

Most authorities have a lot of statistical data that they need to store securely and in accordance with the law. 

Your advantage with DRACOON:
You can store the statistical data client-side encrypted in DRACOON data rooms. Provide the data rooms with appropriate access rights for your employees so that only authorised persons have access to them.

Use Case: Project work

Large projects, such as construction projects, require project data rooms for large amounts of data to which employees and external partners and service providers should have access. 

Your advantage with DRACOON:
You can integrate all participants via DRACOON with the appropriate access rights. For external partners and service providers you can also set an expiry date for the authorisations. To facilitate the collaboration you can integrate the data rooms directly into the Explorer / Finder via DRACOON for Windows and Mac - this way all participants can edit files directly "in the cloud" with all local applications.

Use Case: citizen communication

The GDPR has complicated communication with citizens by email, as e-mails are considered unencrypted and therefore no attachments containing personal data (e.g. address) may be sent.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
With DRACOON for Outlook you can integrate DRACOON as Add-In directly into Outlook. Thus attachments are automatically converted to a GDPR compliant release link that you can secure with a password.

Use Case: Schools

Teaching materials should be made available to pupils in digital form so that they no longer need to be printed out.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
Teachers can permanently store teaching materials in personal data rooms and can also set up data rooms for departments to jointly maintain a data pool of teaching materials. In addition, teachers can create individual data rooms for their classes and make relevant teaching material available for students to download.

Use Case: Data of highest protection class

Every authority has data of the highest protection class that require special protection.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
Thanks to the granular user and rights system only authorized users have access to this data. Protect this data additionally with the integrated client-side encryption so that it is stored with maximum security and is not accessible for third parties. 

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