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How successful digitisation works for doctors, hospitals and the health sector

The time factor plays a major role in the health care system. Especially examination results, laboratory data or patient information are usually very extensive and have to be exchanged quickly, but also just as securely.

The big challenge is that these sensitive, personal data are available at all times, but must never fall into the hands of unauthorized third parties. The requirements for compliance are particularly high here due to the EU-DSGVO.

For this reason, hospitals, clinics, medical practices, billing centers, consultants, physiotherapists, but also cost units are dependent on using a certified and data protection-compliant solution that makes their daily work easier while maintaining the highest security precautions. In the course of digitalisation, modern cloud storage offers numerous possibilities for secure data exchange in the healthcare sector.

DRACOON helps you to digitalize your processes, to expand your service offering and to protect your data to the maximum. The fulfilment of relevant data protection and compliance guidelines as well as important certifications makes the introduction easier for you, because DRACOON 

  • is manufactured and operated as a German solution in Germany and is therefore subject to the strict German data protection laws,
  • has end-to-end encryption including client-side encryption for maximum protection of personal and patient data - sent and stored data is thus maximally secure, because the key for decryption remains with you, unlike other solutions,
  • is holder of important certifications such as BSI C5 and ISO27001,
  • and already has the confidence of references such as Sana Kliniken, Helios Kliniken, Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Alexianer and many more.



This is what hospitals should consider in relation to KRITIS

The term "critical infrastructure" (KRITIS for short) covers organizations or institutions that have an important role in the state community. If there is a failure or impairment with sustainable supply bottlenecks, considerable disruptions to public safety or other dramatic consequences are to be expected. These organizations are therefore subject to special protection, which requires appropriate safety measures.

More information to KRITIS

DRACOON's certifications and quality seals

Sending emails without size limit and GDPR-compliantly

All employees have the possibility to send or receive large files comfortably and securely via a release link. Thus, there are no size restrictions as for the email inbox. At the same time, all emails are GDPR-compliant, as the file attachment and, if required, the email body are converted into an encrypted release link.

Confidential data
remain confidential

DRACOON offers the possibility to take over the administration of your data rooms by the role of the data room administrator. This not only relieves the IT department of administrative work, but also excludes access to confidential data such as wage costs.

Anytime, anywhere
secure access

All employees can use DRACOON as a file service directly on their mobile devices via specially developed apps. This means that all data can be accessed securely and conveniently on the move.

Recent documents
without duplicates

All employees can work together on files in DRACOON data rooms with internal or external staff. Thanks to the central and secure platform, everyone has access to the latest documents at all times and duplicates are avoided.

Maintaining data sovereignty

According to the principle "Privacy by Design" DRACOON has an integrated client-side encryption. Sent and stored data are maximally protected, because the key for decryption always remains with the owner, in contrast to other solutions.

Effectively prevent shadow IT

All employees have their own private home drive. This means that the use of USB sticks or private cloud storage can be completely prohibited and shadow IT can be effectively prevented.


With DRACOON doctors and hospitals can digitize their processes simply and securely

This is important for hospitals, clinics, medical practices, accounting centres, consultants, physiotherapists and others when digitising:
These facilities have very sensitive data that must be handled with the utmost care. DRACOON is an end-to-end encrypted and GDPR-compliant cloud. Thanks to its certifications it is easy to implement and offers a wide range of applications.

Use Case: Data protection compliant provision of patient data

Often patients need their findings or x-ray images for further use. Doctors and hospitals must be able to provide these in a data protection-compliant manner.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
Treatment data, health and patient data, laboratory results, MRI files or X-rays can be easily provided by means of a release link and password. Patients can also send these documents securely to their attending physicians via upload release.

Use Case: MDK reports

Health insurance companies need the documents of a finding in order to check the costs. 

Your advantage with DRACOON:
Findings can be made available comfortably, quickly and safely with DRACOON, even if no standard procedure has been agreed upon.

Use Case: Secure communication

Convenience allows data to flow unconsciously into unsecure channels, such as WhatsApp for quick meetings or to get a colleague's opinion. 

Your advantage with DRACOON:
DRACOON is also a secure means of communication because data can be shared just as quickly and conveniently while maintaining security.

Use Case: MVZs

The initial findings are made at the doctor's office or at the MVZ. The patient is then referred to a hospital for surgery. Couriers are still frequently used today for data transmission. However, this is a lengthy and cost-intensive process.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
The data transfer can be solved via a password protected release link. This link can be sent in seconds and saves costs for the courier. At the same time security is increased.

Use Case: Research projects

Research projects have a very high significance for large hospitals. Usually several clinics and many external parties work together in such cases. The requirement is then always a secure storage space for the data, which everyone can access conveniently without great expense for VPNs. 

Your advantage with DRACOON:
With the help of DRACOON such projects can be set up in a few minutes and without IT staff. You can integrate all participants via DRACOON with the appropriate access rights. For external partners and service providers you can also set an expiry date for the authorisations. To facilitate the collaboration you can integrate the data rooms directly into the Explorer / Finder via DRACOON for Windows and Mac - this way all participants can edit files directly "in the cloud" with all local applications.

Use Case: KRITIS

KRITIS organisations are subject to special protection, which requires appropriate security measures, including "appropriate precautions to avoid disruption of information technology systems, components and processes" according to the "state of the art" and must be demonstrated to the BSI.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
DRACOON helps KRITIS institutions to prove the necessary security regulations regarding the storage, transmission and administration of data.

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