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Highly Secure Data Exchange in the Healthcare Industry

Doctors, Hospitals and the Healthcare Sector can Exchange Highly Sensitive Data with Maximum Protection

In the health care system, it is crucial that comprehensive examination results, laboratory data or even patient data are not only available in various specialist areas, but also promptly for further treatment in medical care centers, by specialized doctors or in specialized clinics. At the same time, it must be ensured at the highest level that this data is only available for authorized purposes and that compliance, especially with the EU GDPR, can be maintained at all times.

Therefore, hospitals, clinics, medical practices, accounting centers, consultants, physiotherapists, but also cost bearers are dependent on using a certified and data protection compliant solution that facilitates their daily work while maintaining the highest security precautions. In the context of digitization, modern cloud storage is particularly suitable for enabling secure data exchange in the healthcare sector.

DRACOON helps you to digitize all relevant processes, expand your services and simultaneously make your data available at all places where it is needed and still provide maximum protection. The fulfillment of relevant data protection and compliance guidelines as well as important certifications makes the implementation easier for you, because DRACOON...

  • is developed in Germany and also operated there, this means that the strict requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and all other data protection laws apply,
  • scores with its end-to-end encryption, in combination with client-side encryption, personal data and thus also patient data can be stored and sent with maximum protection because the key required to decrypt the data always remains with the owner,
  • has various certifications and tests such as BSI C5 and ISO27001 and is continuously audited by external auditors and test centers 
  • and has already received the trust of various references like Sana Kliniken, Helios Kliniken, Klinikum rechts der Isar, Alexianer and many more.


What Hospitals Must Consider with Regard to KRITIS

The term “critical infrastructure” (abbreviated KRITIS in German) refers to organizations or institutions that are of vital importance to society. If this infrastructure were to fail or be affected by long-term supply disruptions, a severe threat to public safety or other dramatic consequences could be expected. That is why these organizations are subject to special protection, which requires appropriate security measures.

More information to KRITIS

Security Certifications and Seals Awarded to DRACOON

Send Emails of Any Size in Compliance with the GDPR

All employees have the possibility to send or receive large files comfortably and securely via a release link. Thus, there are no size restrictions as for the email inbox. At the same time, all emails are GDPR-compliant, as the file attachments or the entire email can be sent fully encrypted.

Confidential Files
Stay Confidential

Through the role of data room manager, DRACOON allows departments to take control of managing their data rooms themselves. This not only reduces the IT department’s administrative workload, but also prevents access to confidential files such as payroll data.

Secure Access Anytime
from Anywhere

All employees can use DRACOON as a file service directly on their mobile devices via the native apps. This means they have secure and convenient access to all their files, even when out of the office.

Up-To-Date Documents
without Duplicates

Employees can all collaborate on files in DRACOON data rooms with internal employees or external partners. Thanks to the central and secure platform, everyone has access to the latest documents at all times, eliminating duplicates.

Maintain Control over Your Data

In line with the principle of privacy by design, DRACOON features built-in client-side encryption. DRACOON offers maximum protection of both sent and saved files, because unlike with other solutions, the owner is the only person who has the decryption key.

Effectively Prevent Shadow IT

Every employee has their own personal home drive. This means companies can completely prohibit the use of USB flash drives or private cloud storage and effectively prevent shadow IT.


Physicians and Hospitals Can Use DRACOON to Easily and Securely Digitize Their Processes

When it comes to the digitization of hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, billing centers, consultants, physiotherapists, and others, it’s important to remember:
These organizations possess extremely sensitive data that must be handled with the utmost care. DRACOON is a GDPR-compliant cloud with end-to-end encryption that, thanks to its certifications, is easy to implement and offers a wide range of possible applications.


Sharing and Storing Patient Data in Compliance with Privacy Law

Patients often need their medical reports or x-ray images for further use. Physicians and hospitals must be able to provide these in a manner that complies with privacy law.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
Treatment data, health and patient data, laboratory results, MRT files, and X-rays can all easily be shared via a password-protected download link. Patients can also securely send these documents to their attending physicians via file request (upload link).

Success Story Denton Systems GmbH:
Denton initially stored its internal data in Microsoft OneDrive. However, as a German company, Denton is subject to strict German data protection laws. For this reason, the company was looking for a legally compliant patient data storage system that patients could also access externally. In addition, the new system was also to be integrated with other tools to avoid data silos in the form of multiple data storage.

Read the complete Success Story about the Secure Storage of Patient Data in the Cloud.

Use Case: MDK Reports

Health insurance companies require documentation of diagnostic findings in order to review the costs. 

Your advantage with DRACOON:
Findings can be shared easily, quickly, and securely via DRACOON, even if there is no standard procedure in place.


Use Case: Secure Communication

People often unwittingly send data through insecure channels like WhatsApp out of convenience to quickly discuss an issue or get a colleague’s opinion. 

Your advantage with DRACOON:
DRACOON is a perfect alternative as a secure means of communication, since the files can be shared just as quickly and conveniently while maintaining security.


Use Case: Health Insurance App

Health insurance companies have to expand their range of services and offer a separate app for the insured: This app can be used to digitize and simplify communication, as the insured can use it to submit documents such as certificates of incapacity to work or invoices and have their data and health information securely available at a glance.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
DRACOON can be easily connected to an app via its open API interfaces. All receipts and documents necessary for the exchange between the insured and the health insurance company can now be securely received and managed in the app. DRACOON is invisibly in the background the secure storage location.

Read the complete Success Story how the Health Insurance Company VIACTIV realized their own App with DRACOON.


Use Case: Community Health Centers (CHCs)

Patients are often initially examined at their doctor’s office or at a CHC, then referred to a hospital for surgery. Couriers are still frequently used to send the findings today, despite the fact that this is both time-consuming and costly.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
Files can be shared using a password-protected download link that can be sent in seconds and therefore eliminates the cost of the courier – while simultaneously increasing security.


Use Case: Research Projects

Research projects play an extremely important role at large hospitals. Usually several hospitals and numerous external parties collaborate in such cases. This requires a secure storage space for the files that everyone can easily access without the effort of using VPNs. 

Your advantage with DRACOON:
With the help of DRACOON, these kinds of projects can be set up in a few minutes and without help from IT staff. You can give all of the participants access to the files via DRACOON with the appropriate access rights. You can also specify that the access granted to external partners and service providers expires after a certain period of time. To make collaboration even easier, DRACOON for Windows and Mac allows you to integrate the data rooms directly into the Explorer/Finder – meaning all of the project participants can work on the files directly “in the cloud” using all of their local applications.


Use Case: KRITIS

In Germany, KRITIS organizations are subject to special protection requiring appropriate security measures, including “adequate precautions to avoid disruptions to information technology systems, components, and processes” that must be state-of-the-art and demonstrated to Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security.

Your advantage with DRACOON:
DRACOON helps KRITIS entities provide the necessary documentation proving that their data is saved, sent, and managed securely.


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