Maximum safe data rooms and secure data space have a new name – DRACOON

Regensburg, October 10, 2017 – New name, maximum data security: In the course of a repositioning, SSP Europe will in future be introducing its file sharing product Secure Data Space under the new company and product name DRACOON.

The software developed in Germany has repeatedly been awarded as market leader and is certified according to the highest compliance guidelines. Customers in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) include Rödl & Partner, KFW, Helios Kliniken, and partners such as NetApp, Bechtle, Telekom, and British Telecom.

As a high-security, platform-independent file exchange software, DRACOON is available both as cloud and on-premises versions. Product advantages include company-specific branding, the NoKnowledge authorization concept, and the specially developed TripleCrypt security technology. At the core of TripleCrypt lies client-side encryption, which ensures that even the operator of DRACOON can under no circumstances access data unauthorized. The extensive API enables deep integration scenarios of DRACOON as standard data backend and forms the basis for future topics in IT, ranging from IoT and M2M to Big Data.

The realization of a comfortably usable data room with world-class security standards provides the basis for its positioning as a “body guard for digital assets”.

With DRACOON, this body guard has been given a form and name that associates both “Dragon” and “Cocoon”. While Dragon symbolizes digital protection, Cocoon symbolizes the protected space in which the user data is stored and exchanged.

“In recent years, we have sharpened our profile, portfolio, and go-to-market profile and focused on the development of the enterprise-compliant file sharing solution Made in Germany,” says CEO Dr. Dieter Steiner. “The new name is intended to symbolize our strength and uniqueness, as we can not only provide maximum secure freedom of movement for data exchange, but also compatibility with any standard application. Every company is faced with the challenge of digitalization in deciding how to safely exchange and store their data, which we fully map with DRACOON. In addition, our customers can continue to rely on our core competencies: flexibility, security, and individualized professional service.”

The realignment of the DRACOON brand is accompanied by a completely new corporate design including a logo and a new website. At this year’s it-sa in Nuremberg, DRACOON presents itself for the first time under the new name at booth 10.0-214.