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Enterprise Filesharing 

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Easy access to all relevant company data via a central platform for data transfer creates a more flexible, productive and secure working environment. That is why more and more Enterprise Filesharing solutions are being used in companies. However, some points have to be taken into account – not only because of the currently implemented data protection regulations (EU-GDPR).


What is Filesharing?

Filesharing allows a user to share and exchange different types of files with friends and colleagues on public, mostly cloud-based filesharing pages, such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Especially in enterprises these services are often used – often, however, against company agreements and without consent of the IT-administrators. Not without reason the use of public clouds annoys the data protection officer: The servers of these free online-storages often lie outside of the EU (USA, Russia, Far East), which already violates the General Data Protection Regulation. In case of a problem (e.g. liability for loss of data) the operators of these platforms are hard to find, and nobody knows the exact data security regulations of these cloud services. For this reason alone, the principal applies that critical company files do not belong in a public cloud!

In some companies, provisional workarounds for filesharing have been created. This often involves the classic email that is hardly practical nowadays because of large data sizes: Due to limited file sizes, version conflicts and insufficient security the email is hardly up-to-date. A further solution would be a network-based storage device within the company. However sufficient access from outside for the employees is missing: VPN-connections are often slow. Therefore, access with mobile devices (notebook, tablet or smartphone) from outside is hardly possible. And even if it is possible, it entails additional administrative efforts.

Central data retention and provision in form of modern solutions for data transfer is becoming more and more popular in companies. They offer internal, but also location-independent data access, as well as storage possibilities in a secure cloud. Productive services need to be easy to handle and administrable, device-independent and controllable. Access control settings for every single file, user and group are a central element of filesharing solutions.


Secure Filesharing through End-to-end Encryption

If a file is dropped unencrypted on a filesharing server, the server provider still can view the file. Not only since the disclosures from Edward Snowden, do we know that some cloud-servicers do not take data security very seriously: a court order – no matter where – is enough to hand files over to investigating authorities or secret services. Therefore, end-to-end encryption is obligatory for enterprise filesharing-solutions.

However, the encryption procedure is only effective, if it is used at the right place: the sender and recipient of a file. This ensures that the file contents are always encrypted on the filesharing server. Thus, the data is protected against access by unauthorized third parties. The access permissions for the encrypted files can be managed centrally and transparently. Therefore, only the employees with a file-access-permission and an appropriate encryption “key” can gain access. In short: Only the sender and entitled recipient can view the decrypted file.


Secure Filesharing with DRACOON

DRACOON is a German Filesharing solution for companies. 
With the software you can securely store, manage and send all your company data. 

  • Made & Hosted in Germany: DRACOON is being developed in Germany and operated in ISO27001-certified computer centers.
  • Multiple awards and certifications: Various seals such as ISO27001, EuroPriSe und BSI C5 certify DRACOON highest security standards.

  • GDPR-compliant thanks to Privacy by Default and Privacy by Design: As a German provider DRACOON is subject to the strict German security laws and supports you in implementing and complying with the EU-GDPR thanks to data protection-friendly technology design (Privacy by Design) and default settings (Privacy by Default). This enables you as a user to work automatically in compliance with data protection regulations.

  • Highest security thanks to client-side encryption: All data is already encrypted at the end device. On the server itself there is no possibility to decrypt the data because the key material is on the client. This way we ensure that neither we as a cloud provider nor third parties are able to access your stored data.
  • Protection against ransomware attacks: In case of a hacker-attack, affected data can be restored at any time via the recycle bin.

  • Integrated reporting tool / audit log: The reporting tool with audit log provides information about file access. Authorized persons can trace who shared, edited, or deleted data.

  • Modern rights management: With DRACOON you can assign access rights easily and individually to internal employees as well as external parties. This ensures, for example, that certain people only have read access, while others can also edit and delete data. Thus, for example, the IT department retains organizational sovereignty, but has no read and write rights to financial or personnel data. As a result, IT administrators can also be completely denied access to certain data (such as salaries, balance sheets, etc.). DRACOON also gives you the opportunity to limit the availability of data.

  • Demand-oriented billing: The required DRACOON licenses are billed on a user basis. This allows you to adapt DRACOON to your needs at any time.

Filesharing with DRACOON

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