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No matter which mode of operation you want for your data exchange platform, you can realize it with DRACOON. Because DRACOON is available in a range of variants: As a cloud service, a Win/Linux server on site, or as a white-label / OEM version for providers and cloud service providers. In brief: DRACOON is the ideal solution for your business.

The ideal solution
for each company


Design your DRACOON
the way you want it

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DRACOON for Android and iOS

App for 
Android and iOS 

  • Full access to the data anytime, anywhere
  • Open files directly in the app
  • Integrated file preview for a range of file formats
  • Direct file upload and file share
  • Downloaded files available during in offline mode

Blackberry and WinPhone users can integrate
DRACOON via WebDav.

DRACOON for Windows and MAC

  • Direct integration as a Win/MAC client simplifies workflow
  • Edit and store data directly in the cloud
  • High security through encrypted ‘container’ on the client
  • Direct access to encrypted Data Rooms
  • Download releases in Explorer/Finder

DRACOON for Outlook

  • Email attachments replacement by a download link
  • Direct share of files already in DRACOON
  • Optimal integration into daily workflow
  • Saving time and mail server resources
  • Enables the encrypted delivery of mail attachments

Here you can find our
Video tutorials about DRACOON for Outlook.

Here you can find information about
Mail encryption via DRACOON for Outlook.


More than 400,000 business users are already exchanging their data
with DRACOON – when will you start?

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DRACOON is more than just a highly secure business solution. More than a piece of independence from location and device. More than a pacemaker for effective cooperation. DRACOON brings the future of highest user experience to life. With valuable features that are not to be missed.