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Collabora­tion Tools

More productivity within a team

A small project team, working in the same office and seeing each other on a daily basis will probably be able to work effectively together without software-support. However, with a growing team size and complexity of the project this is hardly possible. This shows: the more colleagues work together on one project, the more important good communication and professional coordination becomes. In order to optimize workflows and data transfer, enterprises and independent project teams (e.g. agencies) use collaboration tools. These allow a more productive and location-independent collaboration


How do Collaboration Tools work?

Usually, a collaboration platform offers multiple functions to support project-management tools. The aim of e-collaboration tools is the optimization of work processes such as planning, organizing and analyzing. The following features are often found in online-collaboration:

  • Real-time communication
    Real-time communication is essential for team collaboration. For example, project boards allow to delegate tasks and to communicate project advancements. With the comment function situations can be virtually discussed live. Also, classic communication solutions such as messenger and video-calls are used – enabled through interfaces to Skype and Outlook. The implementation of cloud solutions enables communal and location-independent editing of text and table documents.

  • Filesharing
    An essential feature of collaboration-software is the communal use and sharing of documents and other files (e.g. photos). Therefore, a series of online-collaboration tools use a central storage solution. Within this storage solution administrators and project leaders can decide on individual access rights.
  • Management fiunctions
    In a fully developed e-collaboration software the project manager has the best possible overview over project-developments and work processes, in order to be able to plan everything. Resources can be optimally organized and distributed. Furthermore, many tools offer solutions with which working processes can be documented and analyzed. With the company-wide use the tools make the communication between the teams and departments easier.

  • Mind-mapping
    A series of collaboration tools support creative teams in finding ideas together with help of brainstorming functions, e.g. mind maps. Thus, team members can actively shape a project with their own ideas. Even external contributors (e.g. clients) can be included in this creative process.


Efficiency improvement thanks to Collaboration Tools

Last year, the yearly Deutsche Social Collaboration Studie showed how much online-collaboration increases work efficiency. Depending on the sector the increase lay between 16 and over 40 percent. The study proves that the more intensively the tools were used, the higher the work efficiency. By using modern collaboration tools, the team members motivate each other to act innovatively. This results from the fact that new ideas can be implemented more quickly, if everybody knows who is working on which field and know-how can be offered accordingly.


Secure collaboration with DRACOON

DRACOON is a German cloud service for companies and facilitates the collaboration within a team and with externals. With the software you can securely store, manage and send all your company data. DRACOON offers you numerous advantages to ensure secure and EU-GDPR-compliant data storage. The client-side encryption prevents data from flowing off.

  • Made & Hosted in Germany: DRACOON is being developed in Germany and operated in ISO27001-certified computer centers.
  • GDPR-compliant thanks to Privacy by Default and Privacy by Design: As a German provider DRACOON is subject to the strict German security laws and supports you in implementing and complying with the EU-GDPR thanks to data protection-friendly technology design (Privacy by Design) and default settings (Privacy by Default). This enables you as a user to work automatically in compliance with data protection regulations.

  • Maximum security: Thanks to client-side encryption all data is already encrypted at the end device. On the server itself there is no possibility to decrypt the data because the key material is on the client. This way we ensure that neither we as a cloud provider nor third parties are able to access your stored data. Furthermore, various seals such as ISO27001, EuroPriSe and BSI C5 confirm DRACOON’s highest security standards. 

  • Integrated reporting tool / audit log: The reporting tool with audit log provides information about file access. Authorized persons can trace who shared, edited, or deleted data.

  • Modern rights management: With DRACOON you can assign access rights easily and individually to internal employees as well as external parties. This ensures, for example, that certain people only have read access, while others can also edit and delete data. Thus, for example, the IT department retains organizational sovereignty, but has no read and write rights for financial or personnel data. As a result, IT administrators can also be completely denied access to certain data (such as salaries, balance sheets, etc.). DRACOON also gives you the opportunity to limit the availability of data.

  • Mobile work: Edit and save your files on the go with the DRACOON Apps.
  • Comment function: Comment and discuss facts directly at the file.
  • Open interfaces: Integrate standard software such as messengers and video calls easily into DRACOON. 
  • Demand-oriented billing: The required DRACOON licenses are billed on a user basis. This allows you to adapt DRACOON to your needs at any time.

Collaboration with DRACOON

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