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Whitepaper: Client-side encryption

Download the whitepaper on client-side encryption and learn how encryption works at DRACOON and why it means highest security for your data.

All cryptographic processes described clearly
Disclosure of the cryptography implementation
Tips and checklist for secure encryption

At the latest since the revelations of Edward Snowden, the public has been made aware that unprotected storage of data in a cloud - especially with US providers - can endanger the confidentiality and integrity of information. However, no company today wants to miss out on the enormous benefits of using a cloud storage service.

DRACOON offers its customers an easy-to-use platform that provides the highest level of security for the stored data by using modern cryptographic algorithms. This is achieved by the consequent use of end-to-end encryption including client-side encryption, whereby neither passwords important for encryption or decryption nor cryptographic keys and under no circumstances the files in clear text leave the end devices and thus the control of the user.

This whitepaper describes in detail the cryptographic measures that effectively prevent access by unauthorized persons.

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